In an aging industry, the battle to retain talented professionals can be fierce, especially for small business owners. Developing an equity-centric organization with properly structured cash flow increases bottom-line profitability for ALL owners and creates the means to reward and retain your top talent.

Creating Equity Pathways to Retain Top Talent
with Christine Sjölin, SHRM-SCP, VP of Business Development & Operations / Partner
and Eric Leeper, CFP, VP of Research & Analysis / Partner

This session explores the importance of building a diverse and complementary team to create business sustainability. Our experts, Christine and Eric, delve into where to start the recruitment search, how to organize your team, and how to keep the talent you've attracted. You'll also discover:

  • How to strategically leverage business equity as your most powerful retention tool.
  • What to look for in your team members and how to harness individual strengths to build a strong team.
  • Why multigenerational ownership teams naturally cultivate greater business value and find sustainability.

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