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Strategic Partnerships

FP Transitions provides consulting, network programs, and custom practice management systems to institutional clients. Our services focus on helping advisors build practices of enduring and transferable value, which in turn can help broker-dealers and custodians retain clients and assets in their network. By shifting advisors’ focus from cash flow and production to building a business of value, FP Transitions helps drive decisions that result in stronger practices with better client services. As a result, these businesses attract and retain next generation talent.


Working with broker-dealers, custodians, and insurance home offices, FP Transitions has provided both consulting and ongoing programs for valuing, protecting, growing, and ultimately transitioning top performing practices. Our unique approach to creating internal transitions has helped over 250 practices sell internally to next-generation advisors, improving growth rates and keeping over $17 billion dollars stabilized on existing platforms. Making this process work in a professional manner starts with a strong home office relationship, and coordination of goals and message.

Integrated Practice Management &
Succession Planning

Many broker-dealers and custodians operate on limited budgets, while competing to offer the best services to their advisors. Our corporate partners leverage their home office practice management team by utilizing our expertise in mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, and equity management. By making FP Transitions a strategic partner in delivering the most valuable information advisors need to manage and grow their independent businesses, your home office staff can focus on managing the relationship with existing advisors, and creating connections with recruits who will be the future of your firm.


Two minds are better than one, and ten minds are better than two: this is the philosophy behind FP Transitions’ workshops. Gather your top producers together for a master class on business valuation or succession planning, and improve the experience delivered to all. By hosting an on-site workshop as part of your pre- or post-conference activities, corporate partners can create an intimate setting to deliver personal guidance at national and regional meetings. FP Transitions’ workshops can be offered with open enrollment or to a limited, exclusive audience, based on your agenda.

Research & Development

The FP Transitions analytics team can be engaged to help institutional partners understand the variables that drive their production and value. Our consultants also work directly with executive home office personnel to develop strategies and create solutions that can be applied to the entire network. FP Transitions also works with OSJs, RIAs, and insurance firms. FP Transitions has developed custom growth tools and exclusive publications for firms such as TD Ameritrade, LPL Financial, and more.

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