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Acquisition Readiness


At any moment there are hundreds of prospective buyers competing for acquisition opportunities. But only a fraction of these are qualified buyers. Qualified buyers meet the criteria of the seller, have the financial capability to purchase the business, and have the capacity to take on the acquired assets and clients. They also have an understanding of the M&A process and can craft a compelling letter of inquiry. In short, qualified buyers have Acquisition Readiness. 

Let’s assess your Acquisition Readiness.

Am I ready to buy?

Beyond “qualified,” the right buyer understands their value and how to strategically benefit from an intended acquisition. They will articulate these points to the seller and stay committed to a smooth transaction.


The right buyer:

Understands their own value and value proposition to the seller

Can articulate how their business meets seller criteria outlined in listing information

Is (generally) at least 2x the value of the seller

Has a clear acquisition strategy and can articulate how this acquisition will serve their growth plans

Is able to connect and work well with the seller

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Qualities of a Successful Buyer

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The Perfect Fit

What Makes a Successful Buyer

What Makes a
Successful Buyer

Is my business ready to acquire?

Before you can target an acquisition, you need to understand your own business and how an acquisition supports your short- and long-term growth goals.


A prepared business:

Has a documented value & current acquisition capacity

Has evaluated KPIs & benchmarked growth

Maintains a strategic focus on goals

Knows the right acquisition target & how to inquire

Is able to grow through a successful acquisition

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Maximizing Key Drivers for Business Revenue and Growth

Maximizing Key Drivers
for Business Revenue
and Growth

How do I draft a compelling inquiry?

Upon defining your acquisition goals, it’s time to identify your target and make an inquiry. On average, Open Market Opportunities receive 50-100 inquiries within the first week. This is your first impression to the seller, so how can you stand out? The most successful inquiries have a few things in common:

Tailor your message to address how your business meets seller’s criteria.

Avoid price at this stage, as sellers select buyers who most closely fit their practice and will be a good caretaker of their clients.

Submit swiftly, as successful buyers usually present inquiries within the first two weeks.

Provide the most complete and accurate business information. On the FPT Open Market, your inquiry will require you to provide some business data in addition to your inquiry message in order to best match buyer and seller.


How to Successfully Inquire on the Open Market

How to Successfully Inquire on the Open Market

Do I understand the process?

Winning the acquisition is just the first half of the journey. The transaction and transition process requires patience, attention to detail, and a collegial attitude. Make sure your team is stacked with industry-seasoned professionals to avoid any surprises. While each step of the process is critical, there are five key areas that should garner special attention:


1. Deal Structuring


2. Due Diligence


3. Deal Financing


4. Tax Treatment


5. Documentation


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Deal Structuring

Deal Structuring

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Avoiding Deal Fatigue

Avoiding Deal Fatigue

Securing Acquisition Readiness

How did you do? Acquisition success requires knowledge and preparation. This is something our team at FP Transitions’ provides through our Equity Management Solutions® (EMS™) membership. We help hundreds of advisors understand their value, identify custom KPIs, benchmark their business growth, and identify strategic acquisition opportunities.

Valuation Reporting

Benchmark Reporting & Advice

Individualized Business Growth Planning

Continuity Planning

Inquiry Assistance

Advanced Opportunity Notification


In addition to improving your Acquisition Readiness, an FP Transitions Equity Management Solutions® membership gives you access to acquisition-specific resources and guidance throughout the deal process.

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