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Equity Management Solutions®

Membership program designed to support advisors on their journey to value, protect, grow, and transition their business to the next generation.


EMS™ Professional

Growth tools and coaching
for forward-thinking owners looking to enhance their
business through a variety of strategies, including growth and
acquisition recommendations.


EMS™ Essentials

Fundamental business
tracking and protection tools for practice owners who are looking to maximize the value of what they have or in preparation for a sale.


Continuity Planning

Establishing a practical plan to protect against an advisor’s sudden death or disability. Continuity Planning is a benefit of our Equity Management Solutions® Membership. Click below to learn more.


Acquisition Readiness

Qualified buyers meet the
criteria of the seller, have
the financial capability to purchase the business, have the capacity
to take on the acquired assets
and clients, understand the
M&A process and can craft
a compelling letter of inquiry.


Exit Planning

A strategic blueprint outlining the process of transitioning out of their advisory practice, whether due to retirement, a career change, or other reasons. Schedule with one of our experts to learn more.


Succession Planning

Developing and executing
unique plans that engage multiple
owners and protect firm value.


Transaction Support

Assistance completing an M&A transaction. With an award-winning M&A team at your side, you can place confidence in the process. At every turn, our team has been there, seen that, and navigated it. Once you begin this journey, you can expect a lockstep approach with constant and professional communication.


Seller Services

Not sure what’s next? Seller Services can help guide you on the right path. Schedule with one of our experts to learn more.



Business valuations are useful for a variety of reasons, including mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning purposes. They can also be used for more personal reasons like estate tax or charitable gifts.


Valuation Approaches

The purpose defines the path. Are you looking to assess the synergistic value of a practice, envisioning its integration into a larger entity? Or are you focused on the future economic benefits that will flow to the buyer or investor? The purpose sets the stage for the valuation journey.


Custom Enterprise Solutions

Tailored specifically for your unique needs, FP Transitions offers custom solutions regardless of your business stage. Schedule with one of our experts to learn more.

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