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Unlock a world of exclusive benefits with our diverse membership options.

Site Membership

Interested Acquirers

No Fee

Access current offerings and get notifications for webcasts, white papers, and more.




Free site membership includes:

  • Acquisition Notifications
  • Acquisition Readiness Assessment
  • Resource Library
  • And More

EMS™ Essentials

Single-Owner Firm

$95/mo. Annual Agreement

Fundamental business tracking and protection tools for practice owners who are looking to maximize the value of what they have or in preparation for a sale. Learn more



EMS™ Essentials

EMS™ Essentials membership includes:

  • Market Value Analysis
  • Continuity Plan with Annual Updates
  • Coaching Call
  • Acquisition Notifications
  • Exclusive Member Tools and Resources

EMS™ Professional

Multiple-Owner Firm

$500/mo. Annual Agreement

Growth tools and coaching for forward-thinking owners looking to enhance their business through a variety of strategies, including growth and acquisition recommendations. Learn more

Site Membership


EMS™ Basic


EMS™ Grow

EMS™ Professional membership includes:

  • Assessment of Business' Equity Value
  • Comprehensive Benchmarking Analytics
  • Annual Continuity Plan with Updates
  • Continuity Partner Matching
  • Quarterly Coaching Call
  • KPI Consulting
  • Acquisition Readiness Tools
  • Priority Acquisition Notifications
    + Unlimited Inquiries
  • Annual Market Assessment of an
    Acquisition Target
  • Exclusive Member Tools and Resources
  • Expert Industry Studies and Data

Equity Management Solutions®

Membership program designed to support advisors on their journey to value, protect, grow, and transition their business to the next generation.

Advisors Who Trust Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for EMS™?

First, create an FP Transitions website account. Then, sign into your account. Then, you will have access to sign up for the EMS™ membership.

How long does a membership last?

Membership lasts 12 months from the sign-up date.

What project do I start with?

Start with a valuation, continuity planning, or coaching. New EMS™ members often begin with a valuation because determining the value of their business is a crucial first step. We recommend reaching out to your EMS™ coach upon signing up to determine the best course of action.

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