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An Owner's Guide to Succession Planning [webinar]

David Grau Sr., JD, President and Founder at FP Transitions

Building an enduring and transferable business provides owners with more options, greater value, strong and sustainable growth, and a powerful talent retention strategy. Advisors acknowledge that succession planning is a key component of any valuable business, but many struggle to find the time, support, or opportunity to fully embrace their optimal succession planning strategy. In this session, industry pioneer David Grau, Sr. guides owners through the key moments in building out your own unique succession plan. Honoring this highly personal journey, David weaves contextual stories that highlight the plethora of emotions and challenges that owners face in creating their own, unique plan. Having worked with 20,000 clients since 1999, David Sr. and the FP Transitions team of analysts, lawyers and consultants artfully marry the realities of succession planning with key tactics for success.

Owners will gain valuable insights, including:

  • How and when to start the planning process
  • Where to initially focus your time and energy
  • What really matters in the long-run
  • How you'll increase firm value along the way

Articulating and embracing your vision for your firm's future takes time. If there's one message owners take away from this experience, it's that you must start discussing and planning for succession 10 years or more before you plan to depart from the business. The more time you dedicate to planning and executing, the better your chances of growing and fortifying your firm's value, as well as delivering quality care and stability for your clients for generations to come.

Join us on June 29th to delve deeper into this important topic and to discover what you need to do to prepare and protect your business–and your clients. A lively Q&A will follow the presentation. 

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Previous Events

Rethinking Exit Strategies [webinar]

Eric Leeper, CFA, VP Research & Analysis / Partner

Fred Hanish, M&A Consultant at FP Transitions

With financial advisory valuations (especially RIAs) being at an all-time high, more advisors are gearing up to sell. We understand the driving forces behind this movement, as this is typically an owner's largest asset going into retirement. Before owners make any critical decisions about how to exit their business, we think there are some important things every owner should know! Even minor adjustments to your exit strategy can massively increase the value of your firm and create a legacy for your life's work. 

  • How deal structure, exit strategy, and business entity all play into your firm's valuation.
  • The benefits and tradeoffs of an internal sale, external sale, and everything in between.
  • The unpredictable, sometimes emotional, reactions that can occur while planning and executing an owner's exit strategy.
  • Case studies from those who've successfully built and completed their exit strategy.

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More than a Continuity Requirement [webinar]

Marcus Hagood, Director of Equity Management Solutions® at FP Transitions

Ross Neher, JD, Associate Counsel at FP Transitions

Your fiduciary responsibilities to your clients are outlined by SEC requirements, but do you fully understand these precepts? Are you going above and beyond to reassure your clients? Additionally, the value of your business can evaporate with your death. Are you prepared for this eventuality? In this presentation, we dive into some client case studies focused presentation to explore:

  • The difference between Continuity and Succession plans.
  • How sustainability is actualized through a well thought out succession plan.
  • The challenges of the client need horizon and the advisor’s professional tenure.

    Watch this webinar here to better understand your responsibilities.


2022 M&A Market Update - for Independent Advisory Owners [webinar]

Brad Bueermann, CEO at FP Transitions

James Fisher, VP Mergers & Acquisitions at FP Transitions

Over the past few years, our extensive valuation and transaction databases show that advisory businesses can be successful in acquiring at higher levels than they think. We’ve seen a number of local advisory businesses acquire to expand their reach regionally and likewise, regional firms grow to gain a national presence. However, most buyers tend to keep their sights limited to businesses at their same level, not realizing that if they work to improve a few key areas they could reach higher.

View this presentation to learn more about how you can enhance your business foundations to re-orient your acquisition strategy for greater success. In this mid-year update on the state of the marketplace, we also explore:

  • Transaction data and trends from the last couple of quarters;
  • How recent data compares to what we saw in 2021;
  • Predictions about market activity over the next year; and
  • Potential upcoming regulatory changes and how they could affect your plans.

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KPIs of Running a Successful Advisory Business [webinar]

Scott Leak, CFP®, Senior Consultant at FP Transitions

Eric Fettig, Business Consultant at FP Transitions

Mark, Measure, Monitor, Master. Business growth is a goal for every advisory practice, but how you quantify that growth begins with a true examination of where you stand. Benchmarking your business's Key Performance Indicators is the first step, but which data points do you utilize to measure your success or areas do you explore for growth? How do you gather this vital business intelligence? In this presentation, we dig deep and reveal:

  • Which indicators you should focus on to measure success in your practice.
  • How to discover your Peer Group and Target Group metrics.
  • Balancing hard and soft KPIs; measuring the happiness and success of your team and how that relates to the monetary performance of your firm.
  • The battle for talent during the Great Resignation.
  • Plus watch a live comparison of industry benchmarking on an actual RIA.

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The following three webinars are from our Acquisition Success Series.

The fastest way to grow in the financial services industry is through acquisition,

but savvy buyers know that a targeted strategy is the key to M&A success.

Addressing Capacity and Scalability for Acquisition Success [webinar]

Marcus Hagood, Director of Equity Management Solutions® at FP Transitions

Scott Leak, CFP, Senior Consultant

This session explores the reality of acquisition and ensuring your business has the ability to absorb new clients, staff, and assets without disruption. You'll learn:

  • Which key business structures support your acquisition capability.
  • How you can determine if your capacity is ready for acquisition.
  • How to make an actionable plan to improve your business for acquisition success.
  • How to determine your own acquisition goals and how to develop a strategy that meets them.

You can watch the webinar right here.

Beyond Size and AUM: Qualities of an Exceptional Buyer [webinar]

James Fisher, JD, M&A Director

Marcus Hagood, EMS™ Director

This session covers the top four qualities of exceptional buyers that we see in our most successful transactions. You'll discover:

  • Common areas that sellers prioritize when looking for a buyer.
  • Why preparation, flexibility, patience, and focus are paramount for any buyer.
  • How "fit" has changed over the last few years.
  • Why your inquiry message is so important as your first impression to a seller.

You can watch the webinar right here.

Deal Structuring and Financing Your Acquisition [webinar]

Eric Leeper, CFA, VP of Research and Analytics / Partner

James Hughes, Head of Investment Advisory Lending at Live Oak Bank

This presentation provides an overview of common deal structures and unique financing options available for financial advisors. You'll learn:

  • How to get prequalified for financing.
  • Which financing options are best for you.
  • How flexibility can smooth the process and lead to a more successful transaction
  • What to expect from the transaction process as a buyer.

You can watch the webinar right here.