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Wealth Management EDGE
May 21-24, 2023
Hollywood, FL

Eric Leeper, CFO and Principal

Aaron Wells, CVA, Director of Valuations

Jessica Flynn, Communications Director

FPA NorCal
May 30-31, 2023
San Francisco, CA

Kem Taylor, CBEC®, Consultant

Mallory Boutin, MBA, Consultant

Synergy - TradePMR
May 31 - June 2, 2023
Tampa Bay, FL

Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development

Elise Rogers, VP of Marketing

Pershing Insite
June 6-8, 2023
Orlando, FL

Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development

Fred Hanish, Senior Consultant

Elise Rogers, VP of Marketing

Jessica Flynn, Communications Director


Previous Events
NAPFA Spring Conference
May 10-13, 2023
San Diego, CA

Marcus Hagood, EMS™ Director

Douglas Kreft, SVP of Sales & Services

Mallory Boutin, MBA, Consultant


A Valuation for Every Scenario
May 9, 2023 10:00am PST

Aaron Wells, CVA, Director of Valuations

Not all valuations are alike. Today, owners, sellers and buyers have a multitude of important information to sift through. From recurring revenue to profit margins, to growth and retention rates, our team masterfully sorts the relevant datapoints to expertly distill a clear assessment of value. As we all know, data is the ‘what’ – but a valuation also needs the ‘why.’

Industry rules of thumb, commonly expressed as pricing multiples, are misleading without context. The assumption of a one-size-fits-all solution is wildly outdated. After supporting more than 15,000 valuations over the past twenty years, our experts know exactly which questions matter, and they can give you direct comparisons to a perfectly matched cohort. We will explain how value is truly measured in an informed, scientifically repeatable process. When it comes to valuing your life’s work, our team of analysts and experts takes an unmatched approach to getting it right. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The optimal way to approach valuing your firm in any given scenario.
  • What to expect in the valuation process.
  • How FP Transitions leverages our data and expertise to guide business owners in measuring and realizing their value. 

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CGAN Achieve
May 3-5, 2023
Las Vegas, NV

Parker Trelstad, EMS™ Associate Consultant

FPA Retreat
May 1-4, 2023
Bonita Springs, FL

Fred Hanish, Senior Consultant

Integrated Partners
April 27-28, 2023
Boston, MA

Eric Godes, SVP, Senior Consultant

Orion Ascent
February 27 - March 2, 2023
Orlando, FL

Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development

Seth Davis, Business Development Specialist

Elise Rogers, VP of Marketing

Jessica Flynn, Communications Director

NTSA Summit
February 26-28, 2023
Tampa Bay, FL

Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development

Fred Hanish, Senior Consultant

Wealth Management Foundations for intentional growth [webinar]
February 21, 2023 10:00am PST

Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant

Eric Fettig, Business Consultant

Flourishing businesses come from sustained, intentional growth, although identifying your firm’s growth trajectory can be daunting. In this webinar, our experts share insights on where to begin – and continue – your quest for meaningful growth.  

No matter the size of your firm or its years in establishment, growth is central to ensuring its value. It affects things like owner compensation, profit per owner, revenue multiples, and the ability to attract successors and retain talent. Our team works with thousands of advisors each year to outline tailored strategies for achieving these goals. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to building and strengthening a financial business. Our experts can clarify and demonstrate methods that can spark more intentional bottom-line growth. 

In this webinar, you will hear:

  • How to set foundations that accommodate growth 
  • How you can achieve your growth goals 
  • Growth insights from 2022 valuation & benchmarking data 

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Willamette Valley - Estate Planning
February 14, 2023
Willamette Valley, OR

Marcus Hagood, EMS™ Director

FPA of Central Florida
February 6-7, 2023
Lake Mary, FL

Mike McKennon, EMS™ Consultant

Exploring Compensation Strategies [webinar]
November 22, 2022 10:00am PST

Eric Leeper, CFA, VP Research & Analysis / Partner

Kevin Goserud, Senior Compensation Analyst

Compensation systems in the industry are as varied as the businesses that use them. A proper balance of compensation tools helps to maximize profitability, reward your team, and attract talented professionals. In this presentation, the FP Transitions compensation experts walk you through common compensation challenges and the varied solution sets to address them. You'll learn:

  • How to properly balance and leverage the compensation tools available to you.
  • How to leverage synthetic equity and straight equity to retain and reward your team.
  • How to establish appropriate reward systems for your non-producing leaders.
  • Why how you pay your team is more important than how much you pay them.

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November 7-10, 2022
San Diego, CA

Eric Godes, Kem Taylor, CBEC and Mallory Boutin, MBA

Drop in on our team of experts onsite to secure your free one-on-one consulting session. We're also discussing how entrepreneurs can leverage capital for growth and succession planning in a fireside chat between Eric Godes and Matt Chisholm on Thursday, November 10 at 8:15am. Learn how to evolve, grow and flow with expert guidance from our FPT team.

Learn more.

November 1-3, 2022
Denver, CO

Scott Leak, CFP®, Director of Business Development

Marcus Hagood, Director of Equity Management Solutions

Seth Davis, Business Development Specialist

Elise Rogers, VP of Marketing

Join us again in Denver for an exciting couple days of one-on-one consulting. Stop by to discuss continuity, succession planning, compensation, business growth options and more - all while having a chance to connect with so many incredible industry professionals in person. See you there!

Learn more.

Million Dollar Round Table
October 19-22, 2022
Santa Barbara, CA

Christine Sjölin, SHRM-SCP

Hear FP Transitions' Chief of Staff and Partner speak about The Building Blocks of a Successful Practice. Will you be there, too? Drop a note to Christine.

NAPFA Fall Conference
October 20-22, 2022
Denver, CO

Marcus Hagood, Mallory Boutin, MBA and Parker Trelstad

We've partnered with NAPFA to offer Members an exclusively structured and priced FP Transitions Equity Management Solutions®️ program. Our mission is to transform practices into thriving businesses through concierge consulting in areas of compensation design, entity structure, succession planning, growth consulting and more. Make sure to stop by Booth #417 for a one-on-one consultation!

Learn more.

KPIs of Running a Successful Advisory Business [webinar]

Scott Leak, CFP®, Senior Consultant & Eric Fettig, Business Consultant at FP Transitions

Mark, Measure, Monitor, Master. Business growth is a goal for every advisory practice, but how you quantify that growth begins with a true examination of where you stand. Benchmarking your business's Key Performance Indicators is the first step, but which data points do you utilize to measure your success or areas do you explore for growth? How do you gather this vital business intelligence? In this presentation, we dig deep and reveal:

  • Which indicators you should focus on to measure success in your practice.
  • How to discover your Peer Group and Target Group metrics.
  • Balancing hard and soft KPIs; measuring the happiness and success of your team and how that relates to the monetary performance of your firm.
  • The battle for talent during the Great Resignation.
  • Plus watch a live comparison of industry benchmarking on an actual RIA.
Watch this webinar on demand here.
Bob Veres' Insiders Forum
September 28-30, 2022
Salt Lake City, UT

Kem Taylor and Eric Godes

Join two of our top consultants onsite for advanced consulting conversations around succession, entity structure, compensation design, organic and inorganic growth strategies, next generation equity pathways and more. We've partnered with Bob Veres to provide this industry's largest RIAs with intelligent solutions to complex problems, all to be discussed over a cup of coffee. Our team is here to advise further when the time is right.

Future Proof Festival
September 11-14, 2022
Huntington Beach, CA

Scott Leak, CFP®, Elise Rogers, James Fisher, JD and Seth Davis

Join our team onsite for free, one-on-one consulting and incredible conversation. We've partnered with Advisor Circle and Live Oak Bank to host this year's first Advisor Accelerator Lounge. Learn more. 

An Owner's Guide to Succession Planning [webinar]

David Grau Sr., JD, President and Founder at FP Transitions

Building an enduring and transferable business provides owners with more options, greater value, strong and sustainable growth, and a powerful talent retention strategy. Advisors acknowledge that succession planning is a key component of any valuable business, but many struggle to find the time, support, or opportunity to fully embrace their optimal succession planning strategy. In this session, industry pioneer David Grau, Sr. guides owners through the key moments in building out your own unique succession plan. Honoring this highly personal journey, David weaves contextual stories that highlight the plethora of emotions and challenges that owners face in creating their own, unique plan. Having worked with 20,000 clients since 1999, David Sr. and the FP Transitions team of analysts, lawyers and consultants artfully marry the realities of succession planning with key tactics for success.

Owners will gain valuable insights, including:

  • How and when to start the planning process
  • Where to initially focus your time and energy
  • What really matters in the long-run
  • How you'll increase firm value along the way

Articulating and embracing your vision for your firm's future takes time. If there's one message owners take away from this experience, it's that you must start discussing and planning for succession 10 years or more before you plan to depart from the business. The more time you dedicate to planning and executing, the better your chances of growing and fortifying your firm's value, as well as delivering quality care and stability for your clients for generations to come.

Watch this webinar on demand here.

Rethinking Exit Strategies [webinar]

Eric Leeper, CFA, VP Research & Analysis / Partner

Fred Hanish, M&A Consultant at FP Transitions

With financial advisory valuations (especially RIAs) being at an all-time high, more advisors are gearing up to sell. We understand the driving forces behind this movement, as this is typically an owner's largest asset going into retirement. Before owners make any critical decisions about how to exit their business, we think there are some important things every owner should know! Even minor adjustments to your exit strategy can massively increase the value of your firm and create a legacy for your life's work. 

  • How deal structure, exit strategy, and business entity all play into your firm's valuation.
  • The benefits and tradeoffs of an internal sale, external sale, and everything in between.
  • The unpredictable, sometimes emotional, reactions that can occur while planning and executing an owner's exit strategy.
  • Case studies from those who've successfully built and completed their exit strategy.

Watch this webinar on demand here.

More than a Continuity Requirement [webinar]

Marcus Hagood, Director of Equity Management Solutions® at FP Transitions

Ross Neher, JD, Associate Counsel at FP Transitions

Your fiduciary responsibilities to your clients are outlined by SEC requirements, but do you fully understand these precepts? Are you going above and beyond to reassure your clients? Additionally, the value of your business can evaporate with your death. Are you prepared for this eventuality? In this presentation, we dive into some client case studies focused presentation to explore:

  • The difference between Continuity and Succession plans.
  • How sustainability is actualized through a well thought out succession plan.
  • The challenges of the client need horizon and the advisor’s professional tenure.

Watch this webinar on demand here.

2022 M&A Market Update - for Independent Advisory Owners [webinar]

Brad Bueermann, CEO at FP Transitions

James Fisher, VP Mergers & Acquisitions at FP Transitions

Over the past few years, our extensive valuation and transaction databases show that advisory businesses can be successful in acquiring at higher levels than they think. We’ve seen a number of local advisory businesses acquire to expand their reach regionally and likewise, regional firms grow to gain a national presence. However, most buyers tend to keep their sights limited to businesses at their same level, not realizing that if they work to improve a few key areas they could reach higher.

View this presentation to learn more about how you can enhance your business foundations to re-orient your acquisition strategy for greater success. In this mid-year update on the state of the marketplace, we also explore:

  • Transaction data and trends from the last couple of quarters;
  • How recent data compares to what we saw in 2021;
  • Predictions about market activity over the next year; and
  • Potential upcoming regulatory changes and how they could affect your plans.

Watch this webinar on demand here.

Check out expanded insights in the Mid-year Market Checkin here.