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Advisor Success Stories

We have helped tens of thousands of financial advisors grow, protect, and transition their businesses from one generation to the next. Meet some of the advisors we've worked with over the years and hear their stories about succession, mergers & acquisitions, and strategic planning.

The Growth Machine

Michael Lutz from Legacy Financial Strategies in Overland Park, KS recognized acquisitions as a smart growth path. Avoiding a numbers game, he chose his targets strategically to not only expand but secure his business's legacy by recruiting G2 talent.

Diversified Financial Consultants

We're revisiting a thriving successor team six years later to check in on their accomplishments and achievements. Empowering a successor team that YOU trust fuels their drive to accomplish incredible growth, elevate the business, and carry a legacy beyond the foreseeable future.

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Legacy Financial Strategies

In the M&A space for the financial services industry, everyone wants to acquire. Few advisors, however, take the time to sit back and think about what they want from the acquisition: what kinds of clients and assets would complement the existing business, what new staff and advisors are required to run a larger book of business, and what will the new business look like post transition.

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Cornerstone Wealth Management

You took the risk to become independent, hung out the shingle, and spent a myriad of sleepless nights worrying about how to build a business that paid the mortgage. A few bumpy months led to a smoother ride over the years; you now have a strong entity and responsibility over the lives of your clients and employees. As you stabilize, concern shifts from survival to how to perpetuate something that has become bigger than you. Your focus becomes generating growth that secures your future, as well as that of those onboard.

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Succession Planning Continuity Testimonial

US Wealth Management

It’s been a while since “keeping it in the family,” assumed your literal family. Yet, many advisors approach succession with pride when they have the opportunity to pass their advisory legacy to a son, daughter, niece, cousin, or other relative.

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Hoffman Financial Resources

FP Transitions client Greg Hoffman found the best match for his business, Hoffman Financial Resources, when he added Ross Lawrence to his team 5 years ago. Ross shared Greg’s commitment to the community and passion for helping the people of Nevada, MO make educated financial decisions.

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Succession Planning Webcasts Testimonial Client Success

Case Study: Open-Market Redemption

When it comes to finding the right buyer, the prospective buyer pool need not be large if it is filled with candidates that fit your criteria and are willing to meet your terms. This case study follows the story of one seller who was left at the proverbial altar by a qualified buyer, then found a better match—with an above-market offer—using the FP Transitions open-market system.

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Case Study: One Chance to Do It Right

The decision to sell is a difficult one for advisors to make. After a lifetime of work to build your business, and after years of earning your clients' trust, how do you turn the job over to someone else? When selling your practice, you get one chance to do it right. This case study provides insights into the process and illustrates the opportunities—and the mistakes—that many sellers make.

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Acquisition Selling Your Practice

Case Study: A Seller's Quest to Find the Perfect Buyer

This case study thoroughly details one seller’s experience, from valuation to narrowing the inquiries to meeting the candidates to, finally, making her selection. Explore some of the often glossed over aspects of the process, like what comes after a seller develops a short list but before they choose a buyer, including first meetings (and first impressions), broker-dealer pressures, and realities.

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Case Study: Thriving from the Other Side of Selling

Laurie Nichols, RLP, CPC, ELI-MP, of Laurie Nichols Coaching shares her transition experience including the unexpected personal anxieties that came with selling the business she'd spent 20 years building and leading. In this post, Laurie uncovers the secret to facing cold feet, and moving on—happily—from a career in financial services to her next adventure.

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Selling Your Practice Guest
  • Quote

    For several years, FP Transitions has been an invaluable collaborator, guiding us through numerous business shifts. Their expertise ranges from providing a comprehensive business valuation analysis, onboarding G3 advisors, to crafting succession plans. Our discussions with FP Transitions consistently result in actionable insights that drive our business planning and growth. We deeply value our partnership with FP Transitions and their exceptional team.

    Bradley N. and Zachary B.

  • Quote

    Six years ago, we teamed up with FP Transitions to craft a succession blueprint for our company. Today, we're thrilled to be executing our fourth series of transitions to the next wave of owners. The integrated expertise of FP Transitions, encompassing Consulting, Valuation, Analytics, and Legal services, has consistently streamlined the process, ensuring each handover is a success.

    Sonia Ernst

    Managing Partner, Manager of Trading and Operations, Cabot Wealth Management

  • Quote

    We worked with FP Transitions to set up a succession plan for our firm. Five years later, we’re on our second round of successful sales to the next generation of owners. Having all of the specialists – EMS, Consulting, Valuation, Analytics and Legal – under one roof has made for a smooth process each time.

    Charlie Fitgerald

    Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC

  • Quote

    I want to compliment the FP Transitions team for their exceptional EMS™ Program! I simply must commend the team for curating an abundance of highly useful exclusive resources. Thank you, FP Transitions, for being a powerful and positive force in our industry. The depth and quality of their resources have truly transformed how we approach our work. Their commitment to excellence is evident and greatly appreciated.

    Todd R.E. Stryker

    First Pacific Financial

  • Quote

    We cannot put into words the value of FP Transitions’ assistance in the completion of not only a business transaction, but a realization of our dreams. To take two desires, expressed by two unique visions, and craft them into one unified voice of agreement takes both a masterful execution of tactics and a beautiful dance of humanity on the part of he who is firmly caught in the middle.

    Steven and Herman

  • Quote

    Nearly a decade ago, we engaged FP Transitions with a clear goal in mind: to accurately value our practice and lay the foundation for the transition of ownership. Their guidance was invaluable. From the beginning, they expertly navigated us through each step, offering wise counsel and ensuring nothing was overlooked. Reflecting on the journey, I cannot think of anything which should have been done differently. The fee paid to FP Transitions was an excellent investment for our firm, not an expense.

    James “Skip” Nichols and Financial Planning Resources

  • Quote

    I teamed up with FP Transitions for an M&A deal, and I’m thrilled with the experience. Their excellent communication, honesty, and clear guidance made the process seamless. Their positivity transformed what could have been a stressful situation into an enjoyable one. FP's trustworthiness and expertise benefit both buyers and sellers, making them invaluable. They helped discern the right fit, provided extensive legal expertise, and navigated all nuances seamlessly. Overall, working with FP was a positive and fulfilling experience. I highly recommend them to anyone in the M&A market.

    Jason C.

  • Quote

    Partnering with FP Transitions has been an exceptional experience. Right from the start, their consultants' friendly demeanor and unwavering support made the acquisition process smooth sailing. Their depth of knowledge and expertise shone through in every interaction, presenting opportunities that perfectly aligned with my needs and aspirations. Their professionalism has been consistently impressive, and collaborating with them over the past few years has been a true pleasure.

    Timothy F. Fisher, CFP®, MPAS

    Managing Director, Wealth Advisor, Carson Wealth

  • Quote

    As the owner of an independent RIA, as my firm has grown, it’s become crucial to add additional resources to serve our clients. There is a plethora of information in our industry that can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, I found a number of caring professionals at FP Transitions who helped guide me through a process that solidified next steps. From valuing my business, to consulting on succession and continuity planning, and developing a path for partnership for my team members, I now have a solid plan for continued growth and prosperity for me, our firm, and our clients.

    Michael C.

    Nashville, TN

  • Quote

    I am beyond grateful for the incredible EMS™ team at FP Transitions! Their unwavering support and expertise have made me feel completely confident in their company. From answering my questions to guiding me through every step, they've been amazing. Though I haven't made a purchase yet, I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity with this exceptional team. Thank you for an enriching experience!


  • Quote

    The FP Transitions experience has been the most professional engagement I have ever been a part of. The entire team is always on time, well prepared for every meeting and thoughtful about my specific engagement at all times. Everyone is completely knowledgeable within their specific area and impact their wisdom on my specific firm.

    Ryan T. George, CFP ®, CLU, RICP ®, CPWA ®

    Founder and Principal, Ascend Wealth Management

  • Quote

    Our firm recently acquired three businesses. Two deals leveraged the Transaction Support services with FP Transitions - those deals completed in a matter of weeks. Third had a seller who chose not to use those formal services and it took 6 months to finalize that transaction with many frustrations along the way. Going forward we won't execute M&A transactions without the support of FP Transitions.

    Britt Campbell

    Managing Director, Avior Wealth Management, LLC

  • Quote

    FP Transitions operates with unwavering honesty and fairness, ensuring a balanced support system for both buyers and sellers. Their dedication to driving deals to completion is unmatched, resulting in a smooth and seamless process. With their stellar reputation in the industry, I gained access to numerous positive merger opportunities. Trustworthy, efficient, and well-connected, FP Transitions is the ultimate partner for navigating transitions in the financial world.

    Bob Stowe, CFP®

  • Quote

    FP Transitions has been an invaluable strategic partner. They not only provide us with critical valuation services during underwriting, but also offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services – from M&A consulting to legal support. What we really appreciate is how they've been there to assist our clients with internal succession challenges, organizational hurdles, and even revamping compensation structures. Their extensive customer base and impressive deal volume give them a unique perspective on the industry, which has proven incredibly beneficial to us and our clients. Our longstanding partnership with them has only strengthened over the years, leading to a higher success rate in collaborations. We look forward to continuing this valuable collaboration for many years to come.

    Alicia Chandler

    President, Oak Street Funding

  • Quote

    Transitioning from a major broker dealer to acquiring four books of business and establishing an independent office was quite the challenge, especially when it came to dealing with all the legal documentation. Thankfully, FP Transitions was there every step of the way, providing us with invaluable guidance and support to build a solid foundation for our new venture. It's impressive how, in just 6 months, FP's internal legal team managed to draft 54 legal documents tailored precisely to our needs. Partnering with FP significantly reduced our risk, especially with the flexible earnout purchase model based on revenue. The experience taught us the importance of thorough education and meticulous documentation, making our transition smoother and more secure, all thanks to the expertise and assistance of FP Transitions.


    President of an Independent Broker/Dealer Office in SE US

  • Quote

    Our partnership with FP Transitions has been incredibly beneficial, providing end-to-end solutions spanning M&A, valuation, consulting, in-house legal support, and ongoing coaching through their EMS™ membership services. Working with FP, we have seen our clients increase their enterprise value with organizational realignment. Others have improved their financials with detailed compensation redesign. While some have built enduring businesses with the design and implementation of succession plans. With FP's deep understanding of their clients, we have confidence that referrals align seamlessly with our business objectives. Over the years, our enduring partnership has flourished, resulting in an elevated success rate in our joint endeavors. They're truly a cornerstone of our strategic partnership.

    James Hughes

    SVP of Investment Advisor Lending, Live Oak Bank

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