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August 2018 - Advisor2Advisor Podcast : David Grau Sr., JD Interview

Posted by FP Transitions on September 4, 2018

Last month FP Transitions President and Founder, David Grau Sr., JD, joined Scott and Pat on the Advisor2Advisor podcast to discuss common concerns related to mergers, and an all too prevalent (and costly) mistake that some mature advisors make when they fail to capitalize on the equity they’ve established by creating a viable succession plan. Listen here.


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October 2016 - Investment News: "Top Reasons for Independent Advisers to Consider a Merger Instead of an Acquisition"

Posted by FP Transitions on October 20, 2016

“Among the independent financial adviser community, merger and acquisition discussions tend to revolve purely around acquisitions. But mergers also represent a very useful strategic path. We’ve found that there are four key questions advisers should ask themselves to determine whether pursuing a merger versus a standard buy-sell transaction makes the most sense.”

Read “Top Reasons for Independent Advisers to Consider a Merger Instead of an Acquisition”written by our president and founder David Grau Sr., JD for Investment News for more insight in choosing the right M&A path for your business.


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