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September 2019 - The New York Times

Posted by FP Transitions on September 13, 2019

FP Transitions CEO, Brad Bueermann, weighs in on the "trend" of consolidation among wealth management firms in Friday's New York Times Article, "Wealth Advisory Firms Are Merging, but What's in it for Clients?" by Paul Sullivan. Experts share their thoughts on the trend and whether or not the trend is actually resulting in better service for advisory clients.

We have seen that the ability to leverage technology and better processes indeed produces stronger and more valuable businesses, but access to these tools is not necessarily a function of size. As Brad says in the article, “We firmly believe at the client level that doing business locally with people who understand the community where their clients are going to retire into and who have a close connection to the client are better...Independent practices have flourished for a reason: Consolidation is the world we came from 30 years ago.”

Read the full article, "Wealth Advisory Firms Are Merging, but What's in it for Clients?" here.


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June 2014 - Advisors.ca: Succession Planning Can Boost Business

Posted by FP Transitions on June 26, 2014

“Succession planning isn’t just about figuring out who’s going to take over when you’re gone,” says David Grau Sr., President and Founder of FP Transitions. “It’s about building a business that will support your long-term vision, and which will continue to serve clients even when you’re not around as much.”

Advisor.ca article "Succession Planning Can Boost Business" with insight and research from SEI and FP Transitions. 


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June 2014 - Wealth Management Magazine: How Indy Advisors Can Remodel Cash Flow to Build Business of Enduring Value

Posted by FP Transitions on June 19, 2014

Professional goals should extend beyond just earning a living during an advisors peak working years, learn how to perpetuate your income into the future. 

The article “How Indy Advisors Can Remodel Cash Flow to Build Business of Enduring Value,” written for Wealth Management by our president and founder, David Grau Sr., JD emphasizes the importance of proper cash flow.

If you want a business that will continue to grow year after year, perpetuate growth with a compensation structure that attracts younger talent and rewards them for exceptional work while allowing for opportunity of ownership stake.

Download our popular white paper Building a Business of Enduring and Transferable Value to learn more.


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