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Posted by FP Transitions on Jul 20, 2016 8:14:25 AM


Last week we had a client tell us that since he had implemented a formal continuity plan, his clients have felt more comfortable adding assets to their portfolios now that their tenure with his business is protected. The stability of continuity is an important cornerstone for continued business growth and client retention.

Currently, FINRA requires that member firms have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that is written and can be made available upon request. More recently, the SEC has proposed a rule which would make it unlawful to provide advisory services to clients unless the RIA has a written business continuity and transition plan in place.

FP Transitions has been helping financial advisors document, implement, and annually update their formal continuity plans for over a decade. Now we are able to leverage our extensive network of advisors to help connect you to the right continuity partner for your unique business.

Single owner practices without writtenactionable continuity plans and identified continuity partners, are at a disadvantage to larger businesses and firms with built-in succession plans.

As the owner and person that has built a trusting relationship with your clients, you know that it is crucial to protect their wealth as well as your business as a whole. The most challenging aspect of developing a continuity plan, however, is finding the right partner. Of course you want to be discerning when it comes to the person who is going to care for the business you’ve built when you no longer can.

Introducing Continuity Partner Matching!

Searching for the right continuity partner within your immediate community and professional networks can force you into a partnership that isn’t the best match for your clients, or worse, can result in no partnership at all. Now FP Transitions is offering the ability to leverage the most extensive network of advisors in the industry, to help connect you to the right continuity partner for your unique situation.

The new Continuity Partner Matching service allows you to tap into our team of professional coaches and our network of over 30,000 advisors. We’ll guide you through the selection of interested continuity partner candidates based on specific time-tested criteria as well as your specific requirements.

Once you have identified the right person, business or firm, we’ll help you get the proper documentation and agreements in place to ensure the continuity of service for your clients in the event of death or disability, and help you to protect the value of the business you’ve built.




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