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Equity Management Solutions®

Membership program designed to support advisors on their journey to
value, protect, grow, and transition their business to the next generation.

EMS™ Essentials

Single-Owner Firm

$95/mo. Annual Agreement

Fundamental business tracking and protection tools for practice owners who are looking to maximize the value of what they have or in preparation for a sale. Learn more

Site Membership


EMS™ Essentials

EMS™ Essentials membership includes:

  • Market Value Analysis
  • Continuity Plan with Annual Updates
  • Coaching Call
  • Acquisition Notifications
  • Exclusive Member Tools and Resources

EMS™ Professional

Multiple-Owner Firm

$500/mo. Annual Agreement

Growth tools and coaching for forward-thinking owners looking to enhance their business through a variety of strategies, including growth and acquisition recommendations. Learn more

Site Membership


EMS™ Basic


EMS™ Grow

EMS™ Professional membership includes:

  • Assessment of Business' Equity Value
  • Comprehensive Benchmarking Analytics
  • Annual Continuity Plan with Updates
  • Continuity Partner Matching
  • Quarterly Coaching Call
  • KPI Consulting
  • Acquisition Readiness Tools
  • Priority Acquisition Notifications
    + Unlimited Inquiries
  • Annual Market Assessment of an
    Acquisition Target
  • Exclusive Member Tools and Resources
  • Expert Industry Studies and Data

Advisors Who Trust Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for EMS™?

First, create an FP Transitions website account. Then, sign into your account. Then, you will have access to sign up for the EMS™ membership.

How long does a membership last?

Membership lasts 12 months from the sign-up date.

What project do I start with?

Start with a valuation, continuity planning, or coaching. New EMS™ members often begin with the Comprehensive Valuation Report because determining the value of their business is a crucial first step. We recommend reaching out to your EMS™ coach upon signing up to determine the best course of action.

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