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July 2018 - Journal of Financial Planning: "Sustainability and the Future of the Profession"

Posted by FP Transitions on July 9, 2018

This month's Journal of Financial Planning includes an in-depth piece written by FP Transitions' President & Founder, David Grau Sr., J.D.: "Sustainability and the Future of the Profession." See excerpt below and click to read the whole article.

"It only makes sense for independent advisers to design a wealth management cycle that addresses the client life cycle. To be clear, I'm not saying for one minute that independent advisers can't make a very good living–they can and are for the most part. Today's independent advisers are not failing in their work of providing professional, relevant, and much needed financial services advise to their clients; they are failing to sustain a business beyond their own careers, leaving their clients to do that portion of the planning on their own, and advisers (and their broker-dealers, custodian, and insurance companies) are leaving an incredible amount of money on the table as a result for no good reason."  



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June 2014 - Wealth Management Magazine: How Indy Advisors Can Remodel Cash Flow to Build Business of Enduring Value

Posted by FP Transitions on June 19, 2014

Professional goals should extend beyond just earning a living during an advisors peak working years, learn how to perpetuate your income into the future. 

The article “How Indy Advisors Can Remodel Cash Flow to Build Business of Enduring Value,” written for Wealth Management by our president and founder, David Grau Sr., JD emphasizes the importance of proper cash flow.

If you want a business that will continue to grow year after year, perpetuate growth with a compensation structure that attracts younger talent and rewards them for exceptional work while allowing for opportunity of ownership stake.

Download our popular white paper Building a Business of Enduring and Transferable Value to learn more.


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June 2014 - Reuters: Building a Financial Advice Business You Can Sell

Posted by FP Transitions on June 6, 2014

“Isn't it ironic? Most independent financial advisers have no exit strategy and let their firms die through attrition.”

In recounting the experience of FP Transitions client Nancy Nelson, Reuters article “Building a Financial Advice Business You Can Sell” by Robyn Post highlights the variety of valuation factors to consider when selling your business, and the importance of preparing your practice for the transition well in advance.


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