Valuation services

Business valuations are useful for a variety of reasons, including mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning purposes. They can also be used for more personal reasons like estate tax or charitable gifts. FP Transitions provides valuation services at various prices and service levels tailored to your individual needs.

Market-Based Valuation

Our Comprehensive Valuation Report (CVR) uses the industry’s largest database of comparable sales of financial service practices to deliver a neutral, accurate, and market-based estimate of value. Our CVR is used by advisors who are planning to acquire, or by advisors looking to sell a 100% business interest in an asset-based sale. Used by thousands of independent financial services practices since 1999, this CVR is commonly regarded as the Kelley Blue Book® for estimating value, and has historically been accurate to within +/-3% of actual sale prices.

*Processing takes 24-48 business hours.

Market-Based Valuation
$ 1195.00

Certified Business Appraisal Services

Our team of accredited professionals can provide valuation reports matched to the specifics of your business needs. In addition to M&A, business appraisals can be utilized in the following situations:

  • Start-up businesses
  • Gift tax
  • Marital, corporate, or partnership dissolutions
  • Minority sale to next-generation employees
  • 409A Stock Options
  • Charitable contributions
  • S corporation elections
  • Calculations of built-in gains
  • Damage claims

Working with FP Transitions’ certified appraisers means you are receiving an educated opinion of value that is custom-tailored to your specific purpose and follows edicts in the valuation profession—which matters when the appraisal is reviewed by other professionals or government agencies. FP Transitions’ appraisal team members have been admitted as expert witnesses in court and hold accreditations from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA), and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).


Appraisal Review

This service provides expert review of any valuation or value opinion prepared by a party other than FP Transitions. We can review their documentation and opinion to identify any deficiencies that may not withstand the rigors of a legal proceeding. Our analysis will help you determine whether a second opinion of value should be obtained or if the standing value conclusion is acceptable.