FP Transitions is the largest, most established equity, succession, and acquisition management firm in the financial services industry. We help you create sustainable businesses that support next generation ownership. We help you sell or merge what you’ve built. We help you determine the best path forward with valuation support and industry expertise.


We help you build a business that matters.

The Power of Planning
The Power of Planning

FP Transitions collaborates with the FPA to support the power of planning together.

What Makes a Successful Buyer
Acquisition Success Story

Choosing the right strategy for your unique business goals and philosophies is key to a successful acquisition.

Look out for your clients

When you become a Financial Advisor, what you do in your career affects the lives of others.


Assess your current value and position as a foundation for achieving growth. Whether your business goals include increasing value, recruiting new talent, selling your business, or building a legacy, FP Transitions has the tools and experts to help you get there.


The FP Transitions M&A Guide

Buying, Selling, and Valuing Financial Practices

Ensuring a successful acquisition or sale is a matter of details. Buying, Selling, & Valuing Financial Practices, the latest book from FP Transitions president and founder, is a master guide to buying, selling, and merging financial services businesses. Tapping into almost two decades of experience in the financial industry’s M&A marketplace, this book provides in depth information and strategic guidance to prepare both buyer and seller for a smooth sale that ensures both walk away with the best possible terms.

This guide and its companion website offer tools, worksheets and valuable advice enabling advisors to:

  • Master the concepts of value and valuation
  • Utilize advanced deal structuring techniques
  • Understand how to acquire a book or practice versus a business
  • Navigate the complexities of this highly-regulated profession

Buying, Selling, & Valuing Financial Practices will ensure that the M&A transaction is properly and professionally executed for an outcome where everyone wins—buyer, seller, and clients.

Also available: Our first book, Succession Planning for Financial Advisors. 

Buying, Selling and Valuing Financial Practices by David Grau Sr., JD
$ 36.75