Turn Your Business into a Legacy 

Creating a business that will last beyond your lifetime requires a plan. A plan that looks beyond your personal “end game” and creates a team to support you and the needs of your growing clientele. Build an enterprise that doesn’t rely on any one, single professional. Bring in the next generation and secure their commitment to the firm – because it’s their firm, too.

The Succession Management Program (SMP) is designed to help you achieve each of these goals while considering your own unique needs, resources, and timeline as the founding owner.

Phase One: Planning and Analysis

The FP Transitions succession team works with you to build a customized, actionable succession plan. In the process, we will review and analyze key elements including corporate structure, cash flow, and compensation. We will collaborate with your local CPA or attorney, prepare financing, and hold separate meetings with founders and successors so they may address concerns privately. In the end, you will receive the blueprints for your business in a plan summary and financial model that extends a decade or more. 

Phase Two: Implementation 

FP Transitions will help you put the blueprints we’ve prepared to work as our contract team takes the lead to execute the plan, and provide guidance on corporate governance, so the team stays together as the plan unfolds. 

Phase Three: Support

We will continue supporting your firm as you and your team move beyond implementation, allowing for the constant evolution of your plan as the future brings new challenges and considerations.

Succession management allows the legacy you’ve built to continue on with your vision and philosophies, even as you begin to realize life after work.

care for your clients for as long as they need, not just for the length of your career

What's Included

Succession Management Program
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