Continuity Planning

Protect the Value of Your Business

Establishing a practical plan to protect against an advisor’s sudden death or disability is one of the most important and challenging aspects of being an independent financial services practice owner.

The vast majority of financial service practices are largely dependent on the skills and personalities of just one primary advisor, leaving the business, staff, and clients vulnerable should the founder have a catastrophic injury or illness. This problem isn’t restricted to just sole-practitioners, however, as multi-owner businesses which tend to operate as individual “silos” are equally vulnerable. A heart attack, a car accident, or a stroke can erase years of built-up equity value, and the clients’ trust, in a heartbeat. Regardless of the size of your practice or your career path, determining the value of your practice and then creating a plan to protect that value is the single most important step to planning for the future of your advisory career.

FP Transitions’ Continuity Management Program (CMP) is designed to help independent financial service business owners establish an industry specific plan, detailing what to do in the event of death or disability. 

Your business needs a contingency plan that will effectively and efficiently protect your clients and your equity in the event you are not there tomorrow. After more than a decade of experience working with financial advisors, FP Transitions offers you the expertise to put together a compliant continuity plan, to ensure your legacy is protected.

What's Included

Continuity Planning
$ 1895