EquityBuilder® Benchmarking

There’s never been a more important time to build a strong, valuable financial services business. Building equity is about more than just adding new clients; you need a plan, clear goals, and the information to succeed. On your path to success, let an EquityBuilder® Benchmarking Report be your map.

EquityBuilder® Benchmarking Reports utilize one of the largest, most detailed databases in the industry to give you the opportunity to "look over the shoulder" of not only your peers, but of larger and more valuable firms. You'll discover methods used by other practices and compare those results with your own.

You’ll get answers to key questions, such as:

  • How efficient are other firms your size?
  • How many clients do your peers have and what do they charge?
  • What do advisors twice your size spend their time doing?
  • How do your staffing costs compare to your peers?

Your customized EquityBuilder® Benchmarking Report will answer these questions and many more, helping you learn from the best while keeping an eye on the immediate competition. With this tool you can move forward in effectively building a more valuable financial services business.

What's Included

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