Merger Design and Execution

A “merger” is a term applied to a wide range of business structuring alternatives, but in most cases, it offers a powerful set of tools to bring two or more practices together to create synergies and options that did not previously exist.  Whether merging small into large, young into old, or a group into a single, sustainable enterprise, this strategy can reshape your future.

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The FP Transitions Merger Team provides valuation support including a full range of business appraisal services, deal structuring expertise, cash flow analysis, customized documentation, seller financing and bank financing support, equity structuring, ownership level compensation structuring coordinated with relative equity positions, tax strategies, post-closing continuity and succession planning, and even post-closing mediation if needed – all on a predictable and manageable flat-fee basis. The result is a coordinated team that works together, side-by-side, throughout the entire merger process and usually with all the merger parties.

We continue to utilize our non-advocacy approach throughout the merger process because a successful merger requires that all the merger partners leave the closing table as cordial and collegial business partners; everyone must work together starting the very next day. Our non-advocacy process keeps the transaction on time and on-budget.

Throughout this process, we utilize multiple professional skill-sets including:  

  • A qualified and credentialed valuation analyst
  • An experienced consultant or intermediary
  • A cash flow/compensation analyst
  • A tax professional
  • An M&A attorney

Our role is to step in and bring industry specific experience and expertise to bear during the entire M&A process. FP Transitions provides or coordinates all these functions and roles with a team of 40+ professionals dedicated to the financial advisory industry.

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