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08.24.23 | RIA Channel

FP Transitions' Wells On RIA Valuation Drivers and Multipliers


08.01.23 | Bob Veres' Inside Information

Valuations in a Down Market


07.31.23 | Advisorpedia

FP Transitions & Oak Street Funding: Collaborating for the Client


07.26.23 | Globe Newswire

M&A Gusto Continues: FP Transitions Rallies to Meet Demand


07.24.23 | Advisorpedia

The Current Open Mergers and Acquisitions Market


07.21.23 | Advisorpedia

Next-Gen Advisors: Don't Overlook Your Local RIA's


07.20.23 | Advisorpedia

Creating Meaningful Succession Planning


07.18.23 | Advisorpedia

Serving and Selling to the Women Left Behind


07.11.23 | Advisorpedia

FP Transitions: The End-to-End Advisor Solution


07.06.23 | Advisorpedia

How Firms Can Take Off in Value


06.30.23 | Wealth Management

Current Trends in Advisory Firm M&A


06.30.23 | Wealth Management

Using Data to Drive Better Results


06.28.23 | Wealth Management

Fidelity Poll Finds Unrealistic Value Expectations Are Sinking RIA Deals


06.27.23 | #FA Success Podcast

Resetting The Business For Its Next Stage of Growth…



Learning Experiences Advisor Firm Owners Wished They Knew Before Merging or Selling


05.25.23 | Wealth Solutions Report

Who Can Best Help Me Accomplish My M&A Goals?


05.15.23 | Financial Services Life

Brad Bueermann on Maximizing Enterprise Value


05.11.23 | PR Newswire

CAPTRUST Adds Aevitas Wealth


05.11.23 | Mindy Diamond on Independence Podcast

Valuations Expert FP Transitions on M&A Growth


04.021.23 | Wealthstack Podcast

Making Data Actionable


04.07.23 | Investment News

Advisors Ignore Succession Planning at Their Own Peril


03.21.23 | Wealth Management

The Secret to Advisor Growth


03.20.23 | Financial Planning

James Fisher of FP Transitions on the 3 Stakeholders of an M&A Deal


03.17.23 | Citywire

Carson Buys $500M Louisiana Shop, Eyes Pipeline of Full Acquisition


03.14.23 | Orion Portfolio Solutions Podcast

The Foundation of a Successful Succession Plan


02.28.23 | NTSA

Why Succession Planning Matters Now More Than Ever


02.21.23 | Associated Press

Propelled by recent growth, FP Transitions hits a valuation milestone...


02.07.23 | Globe Newswire

TradePMR to Collaborate with FP Transitions...


01.17.23 | Carson Group

Creating a Business Continuity Plan For Financial Advisors


01.03.23 | Advisorpedia

Ready to Aquire a Practice?


12.15.22 | Press Release

Partnership between FMG and FP Transitions ignites 360-degree growth...


12.12.22 | Wealth Solutions Report

Practice Management Platform of the Year


12.01.22 | Financial Advisor

Fintech Pivots To Prepare For An M&A-Laden Future


11.29.22 | Wealth Management

Succession Planning Then and Now with David Grau Sr.


11.22.22 | Financial Planning

New RIA acquirer makes second billion-dollar deal in a month


11.21.22 | Wealth Management

Scott Leak on Changes in How Advisors Manage the Sale of Firms


11.21.22 | Financial Planning

M&A gone astray: Financial advisors fighting in court after parting ways


11.21.22 | Wealth Solutions Report

How Different Sized Firms Can Evaluate M&A Deals


10.26.22 | Salt Creek

How Adopting Technology Impacts Practice Value


10.06.22 |

Kestra Sells Minority to Private Equity Firm Oak Hill Capital


10.04.22 | Millennial Magazine

Future Proof Wealth Festival: The Elephant on the Boardwalk


09.01.22 | Million Dollar Round Table

What Gets Measured Gets Valued


08.29.22 | Press Release

NAPFA Offers FP Transitions Program to Members


07.27.22 | Perfectly Integrated Podcast

How Recessions Opened Possibilities For Independent Practices With Brad Bueermann (Ep. 37)


07.26.22 | Globe Newswire

FP Transitions, Live Oak Bank & Advisor Circle Champion Sustainability for Wealth Firms


07.05.22 | Edge TV

Attracting And Keeping Top Talent With Brad Bueermann and Lisa Crafford


07.04.22 | Wealth Management

Vance Barse and James Fisher on Finding the Right Fit for Acquisitions


07.03.22 | VettaFi (ETF Trends)

Billion Dollar Mindset: Unlocking Time to Create a Flywheel for your RIA


06.16.22 | Wealth Management

Commonwealth Details New Financing Suite


06.14.22 | Wealth Management

Brad Bueermann on What's Next for Advisor M&A...


06.09.22 | Wealth Solutions Report

When Markets Plunge, Does the Value Of Your FA Business?


05.02.22 | Financial Services Review

Empowering Wealth Managers and Independent Advisors


03.11.22 | Wealth Solutions Report

Junior Partners Increasingly Buying Into Firm Equity


02.02.22 | Citywire RIA

Mercer acquires Connecticut RIA


02.01.22 | Acquisition International

Awarded Oregon's Best Wealth Management Consulting Firm - 2022



12.31.21 | Wealth Management

Looking Beyond the Multiple: 2022 M&A Market Reality


12.21.21 | Investment News

Our Succession Planning Crisis


12.17.21 | Power Your Advice Podcast (Advisorpedia)

Helping Advisors Transform Their Practices with Brad Bueermann


12.14.21 | Yahoo! Finance

Wescott Financial Advisory Group Acquires...


12.01.21 | Plan Advisor

Succession Planning Marketplace Evolves


11.22.21 | Advisorpedia

Deal Fatigue: Top Factors and How to Minimize Them


11.01.21 | Next Generation Planner

Are You Cut Out to Be an Owner?


08.17.21 | Million Dollar Round Table

Catching Red Flags During M&A


08.16.21 | Press Release

Accomplished Industry Experts Join the FP Transitions Team


July/August 2021 | Investments & Wealth Monitor

Sustainability and Succession: Foundation of a Powerful Enterprise


07.15.21 | CFO Tech Outlook 2021

FP Transitions: Providing Comprehensive Valuation Services


04.12.21 | US News & World Report

Advisor Mergers and Acquisitions Are Rising

03.5.21 | US News & World Report

How Advisors Should Build a Succession Plan

01.12.21 | AdvisorEngine

5 important lessons for financial advisors


12.30.20 | WealthManagement 2021 Market Outlook

Strategies and Opportunities for the Year Ahead

12.18.20 | New Planner Recruiting podcast

Ep. 18: The Basics of a Successful Succession Plan

10.28.20 | TD Ameritrade Institutional

Deal-makers keep marching on

9.25.20 | InvestmentNews

3 Questions with Brad Bueermann: The State of M&A

8.28.20 |

Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (August 29–30)


8.26.20 | InvestmentNews

FP Transitions sees solid M&A activity in second half


8.21.20 | Citywire RIA

RIA deals keeping advisers longer at their firms for payouts


7.24.20 |

Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (July 25–26)

6.22.20 | Yahoo! Finance

FP Transitions Business Broker Wins Top Awards from the International Business Brokers Association


5.20.20 | Financial Advisor magazine

Revenue or cash flow? The Advisor Valuation Metric War Is Real


4.17.20 | Citywire RIA

Valuations holding steady, but sellers forced to stay longer


4.1.20 | Advisor Magazine

Advising the Advisors


3.16.20 | Wealth Professional magazine

Business continuity for advisors in COVID-19 crisis



10.29.19 | CNBC

As advisors start to 'age out,' firms look to step up succession planning


10.10.19 | Financial Planning magazine

OkCupid for Advisors: M&A Matching Service Debuts


10.1.19 | Journal of Financial Planning

Lay the Foundation for the Next Generation of Ownership


9.13.19 | The New York Times

Wealth advisory firms are merging, but what's in it for clients?


3.26.19 | Financial Advisor magazine

FPA Launches Next Generation Publication


10.9.18 | FPA Activate podcast

You're a Financial Planner...Now What? What You Need to Know About Succession Planning with Christine Sjölin


7.1.18 | Journal of Financial Planning

Sustainability and the Future of the Profession



11.1.17 | Journal of Financial Planning

What is my practice worth? What you need to know about value and valuation


10.26.17 | Rough Notes

Yes, Boomers, The Millennials Are Knocking at Your Door


9.1.17 | Journal of Financial Planning

NextGen Acquisition Success: Partnership, Patience, and Teamwork


8.9.17 | BMO/Global Asset Management podcast

Ep. 34: Advisor's guide to buying or selling a practice


4.1.17 | Journal of Financial Planning

Advice for Next-Generation Advisers Looking for Ownership


3.1.17 | Journal of Financial Planning

Selling a Planning Practice: The Relationship Between Revenue Multiple and Revenue Size


2.21.17 | podcast

Financial Advisor Podcast, Ep. 008: Maximizing the Valuation of a Financial Advisor's Book, Practice, or Business


1.24.17 | InvestmentNews magazine

Fintechs producing cheaper, automated firm valuations for advisors


1.1.17 | Financial Advisor magazine

Six Steps Sellers Should Take Before Signing Deal Papers



12.29.16 | InvestementNews magazine

Top reasons for independent advisers to consider a merger instead of an acquisition


10.10.16 | SEI

SEI Advisor Network Report Explores New Strategies for Growth, Profitability, and Scalability


10.3.16 | InvestmentNews magazine

Advisors who outsource investment management make more money than those that don't


9.13.16 | Financial Advisor magazine

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Selling A Practice


8.23.16 | Financial Advisor magazine

Buyers Galore For FA Firms, But Challenges Remain For Small Sellers


3.30.06 | ThinkAdvisor

David Grau Sr.'s Top 20 Tips for Buying, Selling a Practice


3.2.16 | Commonwealth Independent Advisor

What's the problem with succession planning for financial advisors?



1.1.15 | Financial Advisor magazine

Successful Continuity Planning: The Right Funding Source Can Make The Difference


1.5.15 | Financial Advisor magazine

Six Steps To Creating The Best Possible Continuity Plan



12.12.14 | The New York Times

What to Do When Your Financial Adviser Retires


7.24.14 |

Charting Your Succession Course


6.26.14 | Advisor's Edge

Succession planning can boost business


6.20.14 |

How Indy Advisors Can Remodel Cash Flow to Build Businesses of Enduring Value


6.3.14 | Financial Advisor magazine

Revenue Sharing vs. Equity: Beware of 'Eat What You Kill'


6.2.14 | Reuters

Build a financial advice business you can sell



9.21.12 | Wealth Management magazine

Desperately Seeking Financing



10.31.11 | Financial Advisor magazine

More Financial Advisors Need Exit Strategies