CASE STUDY: Acquisition Wrap Up

Posted by FP Transitions on Mar 24, 2016 9:13:11 AM


“In the acquisition marketplace, the impression you create can make or break your success. The market is competitive, the industry is tightly regulated, and decisions can be made based on intangible matching criteria and gut feeling. This is the real story of three buyers, and how their various approaches to the transaction ultimately led one to the winner’s circle.”

Our latest case study follows Linda* through the process of selling her business, from updating her valuation in order to determine selling price, to narrowing the inquiries, to meeting the final candidates and, ultimately, selecting a buyer and closing the deal.

Too often key aspects of the decision making process are glossed over, and other advisors lose out on a valuable learning experience. But this study explores why Linda’s first meetings with (and impressions of) top candidates were crucial to making her final choice, how broker-dealer pressure factors into the decision, and how an educated buyer knows when a small concession can seal the deal.

Read the full case study for specifics on deal terms, offer details, and negotiating table realities.

Acquisition Case Study


Topics: Acquisition, M&A, Buying & Selling

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