case study : acquisition wrap up

A Seller's Quest to Find the Perfect Buyer

This case study thoroughly details one seller’s experience, from updating her valuation, to narrowing the 100+ inquiries, to meeting the top candidates and, finally, making her selection and closing the deal.

Here you can take a look at some of the often glossed over aspects of the process, like what comes after a seller develops their short list and before they choose a buyer:

  • First meetings (and first impressions)
  • Broker-dealer pressures
  • Offer revisions
  • Negotiation tips and realities

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Once she had decided to sell, the first step was an updated valuation. Linda’s* business generated just over $250,000 in trailing 12 months revenue on 94% recurring basis. Her valuation came in at $490,000 based on average deal terms (30% down payment, 70% on a 5-year promissory note with a 12-month look back) with a range up to $549,000. Linda reviewed the valuation with her consultant and considered the the practice against the comparable transactions in the marketplace data. While the FP Transitions valuation takes into consideration important variables like the practice’s location and client tenure, Linda’s practice was in a major east coast city with a loyal, low maintenance client base. She wondered if a higher price would be attainable. Based on the specifics of the practice, her consultant agreed that Linda could list above the average valuation, but cautioned that she remain prepared to adjust during negotiations, if necessary. The business went to market at $515,000.


The marketplace was swift and strong to respond. Within one week, the business had 142 buyer inquiries. With careful review and a focus on Linda’s criteria (eg. CFP designation, appropriate financing ability) the pool was narrowed down to five initial candidates. Linda decided to have a phone interview with each of the initial five, and afterward continued negotiations with her top three prospects.

*Names changed for the privacy of our clients.


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