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News Roundup: Expert Tips for Working Remotely


Things have been changing for years, more and more people work from home and do so productively. Gone are the days, for many industries, where being in an office is a requirement. As technology continues to improve and online communications have become a daily occurrence, full-time employees around the country have had more freedom and flexibility, often able to work from any location.

Businesses around the world are asking employees to work from home in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. This is an excellent policy for public health, but how do you work from home without sacrificing productivity and client satisfaction? We've culled the internet and found helpful advice from people who know how to do it right.

The 3 Problems Everyone has When First Working Remotely (and How to Solve Them ) – Invision Design

Invision shares how they and some of their partners have successfully wrangled large teams (500-1000+) to work remotely with valuable advice that can be easily scaled to teams of 40 or even 4. Additionally, Inside Design links several other articles with best practices, helpful tools, and insights for getting comfortable being part of a remote workforce. Read more at Invision Design.

8 Tips to Make Working from Home Work for You – NPR

NPR offers simple but important guidance for realistically and successfully adjusting your working habits to being at home.  Some key insights include: overcoming distractions, setting reasonable productivity expectations, and planning for kids to be home too. Read more.

Regulatory Notice 20-08 : Pandemic-Related Business Continuity Planning, Guidance and Regulatory Relief - FINRA

Working from home may be the reality for now. But in our industry what does that mean for remaining compliant? FINRA issued a notice with guidance regarding continuity plans, remote offices, and emergency office relocations. They also addressed some regulatory flexibility in a few areas for the time being. Read more at FINRA.

Child Approved Tips on How to Work From Home (WFH) with Children – LinkedIn

Speaking of the kids at home, this article from LinkedIn tackles one of the biggest challenges of getting work done at home: keeping the youths entertained. They offer creative suggestions for balancing the opportunity for extra family time with keeping the kids healthfully occupied so you can be productive. Read more at LinkedIn

Create a Schedule : Tips for Working from Home with Kids – FP Transitions

With school closures across the country and many parents working from home, we asked a seasoned, work-from-home pro, our marketing director Elise Rogers, how she’s adapting to working remotely with her three boys full time. Below she shares a tool she’s created to keep her oldest son productively engaged and everyone else on task. Read more.

A Good Time to Get Good at Virtual Meetings – Spitfire

One important tool for getting the most productivity and benefit from a remote working situation are virtual meetings. A team that’s not used to working remotely may require more checkins than usual to ensure everyone is aligned. The ability to leverage technology and to hold virtual meetings is the saving grace for a lot of businesses right now. In this article, Spitfire offers an extensive list of best practices for holding effective and efficient virtual meetings. Read more at Spitfire.

Tips for Navigating Virtual Meeting Software – FP Transitions

A practical video guide on navigating the basics of virtual meeting software and successfully connecting with your colleagues and clients. Includes tips on managing audio and video settings, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds and, of course, the importance of practice, practice, practice. Watch video.

Coronavirus May Finally Force Businesses to Adopt Workplaces of the Future – Fortune

Embracing the long-promoted strategy of a remote workforce may be a small silver lining to our current situation as teams discover improved communication and productivity practices. Fortune shares a 5-yr study of staff working under flexible guidelines as to when and where found significant positive benefits of working with more freedom, inducing: increased productivity, improved communication, and an overall greater sense of well-being. Read more at Fortune.

Keeping the industry informed and providing context has always been an important part of our FP company's mission. As our global financial and health situations unfold, we will strive to bring you important information and commentary from our experts and other industry thought leaders. Explore more News Roundups:

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