Client Success Story : The Growth Machine [VIDEO]

Posted by FP Transitions on Oct 5, 2016 8:03:41 AM

In the M&A space for the financial services industry, everyone wants to acquire. Few advisors, however, take the time to sit back and think about what they want from the acquisition: what kinds of clients and assets would complement the existing business, what new staff and advisors are required to run a larger book of business, and what will the new business look like post transition.

In our experience, the advisors who are most strategic are the most successful.

Michael Lutz of Legacy Financial Strategies in Overland Park, KS understood that acquisition was a viable and smart path for growing his business. He wasn’t just looking to gobble up as many practices as he could, however, because he also understood that if he chose his targets strategically, he could not only grow his business but he could ensure its legacy by using acquisition as a vehicle to recruit Generation Two talent to his firm.

Using FP Transitions Enterprise Consulting to develop and execute his internal succession plans, Michael offered equity, and with it a modicum of control, to recruit smaller advisors with existing books–and new advisors without–to Legacy Financial Strategies and created his “growth machine”. These mergers and additions increased the value of what they all now own and are committed to continue building.

With the right strategy, instead of just acquiring clients and assets, a “growth machine” is created, and the foundation for future growth is built with succession through acquisition.

Watch Michael’s story below.

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