Industry Headwinds [NEW WEBCAST]

Posted by FP Transitions on Jun 9, 2016 1:56:37 PM

In an industry where the ability to adapt is crucial, it speaks volumes that the current volatility is making many financial professionals nervous. New standards, laws, regulators, and even technology threaten to make a huge impact on single-owner practices and multi-generational firms alike.

Practices who have planned ahead and spent time bolstering their revenue and enterprise strengths are likely to fare better, and those have put off building are bound to feel the effects of these headwinds more acutely.

In our newest webcast, FP Transitions founder and CEO, David Grau Sr., J.D., along with our VP of Research and Analytics, Eric Leeper, discuss:

  • The current issues facing the financial services industry;
  • What our current M&A database shows as far as growth rate trends;
  • The concept of attrition and what that could mean for the long term value of your business;
  • Choosing and planning for the right exit – whether next month, next year, or several years from now;
  • And how working towards that plan today will help you face the industry headwinds – or avoid them all together.

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Topics: Succession Planning, Selling Your Practice, M&A, State of the Market, Exit Planning