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Posted by FP Transitions on Mar 26, 2015 11:14:24 AM


Here at FP Transitions, we're always striving to help you build a better business for a better life–a better life for you and a better life for your clients. We developed these webcasts with you in mind. We know your days are packed, and we respect that your time is valuable.

In previous years we have used live webinars to provide the financial services industry with valuable information on a variety of topics. While there is a certain amount of excitement that comes with attending a live presentation, there were far more drawbacks: scheduling, technical difficulties, and length for instance. You deserve better. So, we would like to introduce FP Webcasts.

FP Webcasts allow us to continue to deliver important information about everything from buyer’s education to equity compensation to building enterprise strength, without demanding that you carve an hour out of your morning to join us.

In fact, we think there are a lot of things you’ll like better about the new FP Webcasts:

Watch anytime

Our biggest goal was to protect your valuable time and give you the choice of when to watch these videos. When we announce a new video we’ll include a link for you to visit whenever you have the time to view it.

Not only can you watch these whenever it suits you, but you can come back to it whenever you need to. Whether you were interrupted and unable to watch the whole thing at once, or you just want to review some of the information, every time you watch one of our webcasts you’ll get an email link to access the full video at your convenience. Furthermore, we’ll be adding each FP Webcast to our already extensive resource library.    

Shorter videos

We promise to keep these videos short and to only deliver the information you need to know without any fluff.

The Faces of FP

In addition to making these FP Webcasts easier for you access when it’s most convenient for you, we put time into making them more engaging to watch as well. As we take you through the topics you’ll see the faces of FP Transitions, detailed animations to illustrate concepts, and visual case study data to drive the lesson home.

We understand your time is for your business, your clients, and your family. If you give a few moments to us, we promise to give you information and insights that make your business, your clients, and your life better.

Watch our first FP Webcast on Advanced Considerations for Succession & Equity with Vice President Eric Leeper, CFA.

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