Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Posted by FP Transitions on Oct 14, 2014 9:00:00 AM

We've been telling you that the recent release of Succession Planning for Financial Advisors: Building an Enduring Business by David Grau Sr., JD, is going to challenge everything advisors think they know about succession in the financial services industry.

But of course you know that succession is a passion of ours here at FP Transitions, and it's true that David is our president and founder. So, don't just take our word for it. The book's Amazon page is quickly filling up with comments from financial advisors like you about the invalubility of David's insight and clarification of one of our industry's most pressing issues: 

"I've been struggling with how to move forward with a continuity and succession plan for my financial services practice for years. After reading David's book, I now know how to proceed and the importance of having these plans in place." - Albert R. Leger, CPA/PFS, CFP, CSA

"This book is a must read for any investment advisor who wants to build a sustainable practice and eventually transition their clients to the next generation...David and the FP Transitions team offer advice that any advisor will find extremely valuable. I wish this book were written 10 years ago." - David Moerganstern, CEO, Confluence Wealth Management.

"I bought this book long after I had started the succession planning for my business and wish I had had it from the very beginning...[David's] comments helped me solidify my thinking on not only my future upon leaving the business, but where my staff would be and how my clients would be taken care of going forward." - William H. Sheavly

"As a sole practitioner financial advisor, I found this book very timely in addressing a major issue facing advisors today - how to successfully transition your business to the next generation while offering continuity to your clients." - John Spangle, CFP 

"This must-read book for independent financial advisors is the "how to" map for the independent firm to help create, protect, and grow the "equity glue" required to grow and scale the firm from generation 1 to generation 2 to generation 3. My recommendation: "Don't Leave Home Without It!" Thank you for this long overdue book." - John C. Lame, CEO, Lenox Wealth Management.

Succession Planning for Financial Advisors is receiving high praise across the board. Don't miss out on this important succession planning resource. Buy now on Amazon.


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