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[FP WEBCAST] Advanced Considerations in Succession & Equity

This webcast features Vice President Eric Leeper, CFA as he leads you on a deep dive into the succession planning process by exploring cash flow modeling and equity compensation as a way to stimulate exponential growth within your company.

So many of you hear “succession planning” and insist that you’re nowhere near ready to retire. This webcast is for you. By incorporating equity compensation into your business plan you can retain valuable talent as you keep working, keep growing, and keep reaping the rewards of what you’ve built. This strategy thinks ahead to “one day,” when you are ready to start slowing down and reducing hours in the office as you ease into retirement without giving up the lifestyle your business has afforded you.

Equity is the key to ensuring your business outlasts you. In this webcast, Eric will show you a real world example of how adding equity compensation to your structure increases profit margins. Proper structure benefits everyone in your business, and supports an enterprise that will continue to work for you long after the traditional retirement date.

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