The Opportunity of a New Year

Posted by FP Transitions on Jan 4, 2021 2:47:00 PM


Happy New Year!

More than ever, we look forward to 2021 with the sense of reset and resolution that comes with the changing of the calendar year. We can breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through the chaos and onslaught of 2020.

If we take a moment to look back before we look ahead, we can see just how far we’ve come and how resilient we’ve been as a community of global citizens, financial professionals, and business owners. 

In terms of M&A activity, the financial services industry has held its ground despite the market downturn that came earlier in the year. This is a reflection of the shrewdness of professionals like yourself. In the face of market uncertainty, you rose to the challenge, adapted as necessary, and pushed forward.

As we turn our attention forward, we see that there’s no time to waste in harnessing the surge of “new year” energy. We’re kicking off the year with a special Pathfinder webinar series designed help you map your pathway to success. It’s time to focus your energy strategically and efficiently to build strong business foundations that will help you achieve your goals for growth, value, and profitability. There are many paths to but one destination. Learn more and register for the series here.

Speaking of getting on the right track from day one, our CEO Brad Bueermann added his voice to the newly released Wealth Management 2021 Market Outlook. His article, “Strategies and Opportunities for the Year Ahead,” examines the techniques and strategies used in M&A marketplace in 2020, and what they might tell us about the year ahead. You can read the full report here.

This last year proved that those business owners who prepare for uncertainty and volatility in the markets—and their own revenue streams—were able to weather even the most bizarre and unpredictable of storms.

So, from the whole team here at FP Transitions: Here’s to a prosperous new year and may we continue to climb above and beyond the setbacks of 2020. We look forward to taking the journey with you.

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