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Fireside Chat

M&A: The Framework for a Successful Transition and Integration

M&A is a journey - make sure you have a map.

Scott Leak, CFP® - Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant
James Fisher, JD - Partner, VP of Mergers & Acquisitions
Eric Leeper, CFA - Partner, CFO
Liv Olson, ACC - Founder of Liv Olson Consulting & Executive Coach

Consolidation is happening all over our industry, so one doesn’t have to look far to see M&A occurring among advisors, FinTechs, broker/dealers, and custodians alike. Some of these transitions have gone well; others have left the clients of these businesses scratching their heads, looking to alternatives after the integrations didn’t go as planned. In this Fireside Chat, we will talk about the lessons learned from advisors - and their success stories.

Join our subject matter experts as they dive into these key discussion points:

  • Human Capital: The Vital Element in M&A
  • The Three Phases of M&A Transition and Integration
  • Three Keys to Success at Each Phase: Challenges, Opportunities, and Communication
  • What Advisors Should Consider Before Seeking Out M&A Transactions

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