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Scott Leak, CFP®

Scott Leak, CFP®

Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant

Continually on the forefront of supporting independent advisors, Scott brings both vision and extensive experience to the table.

Scott started at TD Ameritrade just before the turn of the century and spent the last decade helping them build their Advisor Services division. He was one of the first employees dedicated to launch that effort, and he helped them scale all the way up. In fact, Scott was so dedicated to serving advisors to the best of his ability that he earned his CFP® designation in 2010, helping him gain a deeper understanding the unique challenges advisors face.


While at TD Ameritrade, Scott wore a variety of hats. For example, he spent a decade serving as their Director of Sales and Relationship Management and led a nationwide team supporting emerging registered investment advisor (RIA) practices. Prior to his leadership roles, he was also named as his team’s salesperson of the year three times, which attributes to his consultive approach with his advisors.


What drives Scott is the opportunity to sit across the table from the partners of an advisory practice, helping them shape and then achieve the vision for their business. Scott says, “I want to do what I can to elevate the public understanding ofand trust inthe independent model.” He believes that helping advisors create enduring, transferable businesses plays a huge role in that effort.


Scott chose to join FP Transitions because he sees us as a pioneer in supporting independent advisors. As a Senior Consultant here, he can tap into his extensive expertise to help advisors grow and protect their business. He sees particular value in leveraging our Equity Management Solutions™ to help advisors compare their practice valuations to industry peers and to identify opportunities to maximize that valuation.


Scott is also a seasoned and talented golfer who has played in the Nebraska Mid-Amateur Golf Championship twice. If you need recommendations for a dinner pairing, ask Scott. He’s earned the Level 1 and Level 2 awards in wines from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

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