What We Wish Borrowers Knew with Oak Street Funding - M&A Playbook

Posted by FP Transitions on Aug 23, 2023 3:43:33 PM

This week's playbook highlights very important insights for first time borrowers from our friend Susie McEuen at Oak Street Funding.

"What I wish knew…because they don't realize this until they talk to me that we are a lending solution for them. And so they think that they're gonna have to mortgage their house and their kids and their wife or their husband and we have a solution for them. We lend the money. It's a business loan.

The other thing is is that they need to understand that this is a business loan, it's not an auto loan. We're gonna ask for a lot more information. There's gonna be a lot more follow up post closing and our goal is to make sure they understand that from start.

I work with my clients from start to the end and beyond that, to make sure, because I would say probably 9 to 10, 9 out of 10 of my borrowers have never done this before.

Listen to our full discussion with Oak Street Funding's Susie McEuen and Alicia Chandler to get more insights on what lenders look at when funding a financial services acquisition, including value, collateral, and your transaction team. Full Episode



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