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With extensive experience in various areas of marketing, Tyler brings a fresh perspective to the Marketing Team and enhances FP’s marketing execution.

A born-and-raised PNW native, Tyler grew up in Port Townsend, WA, a small town on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula before eventually moving to Portland, OR where he attended Portland State University. At PSU, he achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising, and studied international business at PSU as well as in Brussels, Belgium.

Tyler has extensive experience working at various marketing agencies, where he was able to develop his skills related to copywriting, graphic design, data analytics as well as project management. He is excited about the opportunity to work on the Marketing team here at FP, as it is his first in-house Marketing job! As he assists with FP’s overall marketing execution, he will simultaneously be able to work on mastering many skills.

Tyler sees his new role as Marketing Assistant as a major opportunity for growth: “The job description was everything I have been looking for to continue my career. I’m looking forward to growing my creative and overall marketing skills. I think this role will push me in the very best ways.”

Tyler’s writing skills expand much further than writing copy. In fact, writing is one of Tyler’s most fulfilling passions. He likes to write anything that he can, including short stories, poetry, plays, and screenplays, and he is currently in the process of finishing and self-publishing his first poetry book. When he’s not writing, Tyler enjoys other forms of art such as painting and engraving, and he collects and restores vintage ads and promotional items. And when he is not consumed by his many artistic talents and passions, you just might find Tyler passing you on the freeway on his motorcycle (another one of his loves!), or with his wife, playing with their cat, Theodore.