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Samantha is a native Oregonian by way of Caldwell, Idaho.

Samantha is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a B.S. in political science. As an undergrad, she participated in speech, debate, and mock trials in preparation for law school, but altered her plans when she observed a poor job market for law graduates and explored other avenues for professional development. Prior to joining FP Transitions, Samantha managed national operations for a childcare center and preschool, fielding calls from parents across the country and managing projects for over 100 schools. She developed systems to track billing, coordinated scheduling, and addressed parents’ concerns when someone bit their child. While our clients don’t bite (usually) Samantha applies the same capabilities for our consulting teams and to ensuring our succession clients’ needs are met.


Among her goals, Samantha aims to streamline the Succession Management Program and maximize the use of technology to support the continuous improvement of FP Transitions’ service delivery. She is also looking forward to remodeling the home that she just purchased with her husband Jeff (who is not permitted to participate in the redesign, in any way). 


Hailing from the extreme rural east of the state, Samantha is pleased to settle in to the Portland area where running water and electricity are the norm, and while the traffic may not be great, stop lights are a sign of civilization. She is really moving up in the world!