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Randi leverages her client relations expertise — combined with a detail-oriented approach — to serve FPT clients. 

Randi has spent her entire professional life in client relations, largely because it’s an area in which she thrives. She applies her unique blend of attention to detail and easygoingness to ensure clients are well cared for — and might get a laugh or two along the way. 


Before joining our team, Randi spent more than seven years working as a web designer for GoDaddy. Impressively, she’s self-taught in her web design proficiency. She started as a design consultant and learned the software on her own time. 


Before that, she worked as a customer relations manager at BeyondTrust and as a social media specialist at Endurance International. In other words, she’s spent more than a decade honing her ability to communicate well. 


That serves her well in her role as our consulting coordinator. She works hand-in-hand with Northwestern Mutual Advisors, supporting them while making sure our FPT team has the data and details we need to best help them. At the same time, she applies her thorough precision to align meetings, organize documents, and keep us on schedule. 


Randi analyzes our workflows — and isn’t afraid to think outside the box — to make process improvements. She continually strives to provide a better client experience while making our internal processes more efficient. 


She first heard about us from an FPT employee, who had nothing but good things to say about our team and the work we do. Fortunately, we’ve lived up to the hype. Randi says, “I love the people that I work with! Everyone here operates as a team and a well-oiled machine.”


When Randi’s not at work, she prefers to be around water or barbecuing with her family. At home, you might find her enjoying a good glass wine, watching The Real Housewives, or playing the latest Mario game on her Nintendo Switch.