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Miko is a professional in his craft bringing a level of expertise in tax implications to our legal team and our clients. 

Miko contributes a diverse range of experiences and an abundance of legal knowledge to the FP team. Miko earned his Master of Laws in Taxation, which gives him a special knowledge and perspective in various transactions. Miko's presence at FP Transitions enriches our team with a fusion of talent, drive, and legal acumen, embodying our commitment to excellence in service.

Miko was born and raised in the Philippines and later immigrated to sunny San Diego, California. His education journey took him from California to Washington, where he earned his Juris Doctor and Master of Laws in Taxation. Miko also met his now-wife in Washington but ultimately decided to move to Oregon in 2019 to start a family and be closer to loved ones.
Before joining FP Transitions, Miko honed his legal skills as a Business, Corporate, and Tax attorney at various law firms.


Miko's decision to join FP Transitions was driven by his passion and natural inclination to provide value to clients and those around him. As part of the Legal Department, his role as a Legal Consultant allows him to leverage his skills to educate, solve problems, and provide a better client experience. In his work, Miko finds immense satisfaction from the clients reaching their goals with the help of his consultative guidance. 


Beyond the legal arena, Miko brings a vibrant spirit. He was once a breakdancer, a testament to his diverse interests. His front tooth holds a story of resilience, having been replaced after an incident during his breakdancing days. Filipino cuisine holds a special place in his heart, serving as a connection to the Filipino culture as well as a comforting reminder of the love and care of his family and friends.


In his free time, Miko is a maestro of melody, seamlessly transitioning between singing, guitar, and the ukulele. His rhythm extends beyond the musical realm to the slopes, where he finds solace in the art of skiing.