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Lisa has built a successful career at FP Transitions, commencing her journey as a Membership Coordinator. She rapidly advanced into the M&A department, initially in a coordinator role, then progressing to a managerial position. Today, she stands as the Director of Operations for the company.

Lisa grew up in Southern California — but the call to Oregon has always been strong. Her mother was a Portland native, so attending the University of Oregon felt like a natural fit. There, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in geology. She had what she calls a “brief stint” back in California, but quickly moved back home to Oregon.


Before joining the FP Team, her professional life revolved around horses. She managed medium to large-scale equine facilities and programs, at times caring for as many as 80 horses. 


When she saw the posting for our M&A coordinator opening. Lisa says she knew “in her bones” that it was the right fit. Despite coming from an unrelated industry, she showed our team that she could apply her work ethic and soft skills to more than meet the requirements of the role. 


Today, she works half in the business, half on the business, supporting clients and our M&A team to ensure everyone has the tools they need to succeed. When she’s not actively working on a case, Lisa dives into projects to improve our processes. “It’s a pleasure to have a seat at the table and be able to drive change,” she says. 


Lisa takes great pride — as well she should — in the fact that she’s an integral, highly valued member of our team. “I really value the trust and autonomy that I’m granted by FP,” she explains. “We have great clients that are a pleasure to work with and FP is an entire company full of intelligent, hardworking individuals with an excellent sense of humor.”


When she’s not at work, you can find Lisa cooking for her family (food is her love language), riding horses, voraciously listening to audiobooks, or exploring the outdoors with her husband.