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A founding member of our FP Transitions team, Jeanie brings decades of experience and a personal touch to our M&A experience.

An Oregon native, Jeanie moved to Georgia in 2020 with her husband and has made a hobby of exploring her new home state. Even though she may be physically further from our office, she will always be a core part of our team. 


For more than two decades, Jeanie has been part of our M&A team. Jeanie was David Grau’s legal assistant when he founded FP Transitions. These days, Jeanie shepherds buyers and sellers through the M&A process. She is an expert at helping sellers find their ideal acquisition partner, guiding both sides in structuring deals, and working with clients through every other step of the process. She’s had a hand in every M&A deal we’ve closed since opening our doors. 


Jeanie isn’t just an invaluable member of FP Transitions, though. In 2019 she was named the Top Individual Global Producer of the Year by the International Business Brokers Association. Even so, she’s not in it for the accolades.


“I love my clients,” Jeanie says. “I love helping them achieve their dreams, from buyers growing their practices to sellers finding the right buyer so they reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work and can live out their wildest retirement dreams. Being a part of their journeys and building friendships while helping people accomplish things professionally is so incredibly rewarding, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”


When Jeanie isn’t blending her consultative expertise with a personal touch at FP Transitions, she keeps busy. You can find her exploring The Peach State with her husband and what she calls her “menagerie of pets”: two German Shepherds, a Maine Coon cat, and two sugar gliders.


In addition to rescuing animals, she’s also passionate about helping veterans and fundraises for both important causes — sometimes for both at once through organizations like Pets for Vets. 


In her spare time, Jeanie visits her two adult children, seeks out adrenaline with activities like bungee jumping and roller coasters, or splashes into some water sports.

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Gaining Peace of Mind: Tips for Selling Your Practice

After being in the financial services industry for over a decade, there is one thing I have found to be an almost universal truth: Independent financial advisors absolutely love what they do. The topic of selling is often sensitive and difficult for advisors who have been growing an independent practice for the majority of their careers. Many advisors who have built their practices from the ground up are not always ready to sell and walk away. There are some, however, who are ready to slow down after years of a rewarding career and view selling as a path to retirement. Whatever the situation may be, there are several things that you should consider if you want to receive the full value of your practice while also finding the best fit for your clients.

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