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Geoff brings extensive legal expertise and a great sense of humor to our FP Transitions team and our clients.

Salem-born and Medford-raised, Geoff spent a few decades exploring the rest of the country before settling back in Oregon in 2021. Upon joining our team, Geoff said, “FPT certainly feels like an excellent reason to be here.”


Let’s rewind, though. Geoff graduated from Drake University, securing a Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business. He then jumped straight into law school at Vanderbilt University. He planned on becoming an entertainment lawyer but, he says, “Spoiler alert: I did not become an entertainment lawyer.”


Instead, he took corporate law roles with three separate firms, then acted as Associate General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary at a global, publicly traded manufacturing company. Next, he took a General Counsel role with another global manufacturer, this time located in Oregon. And that led him to us. 


As Associate General Counsel for our team, Geoff says he’s “excited to provide legal services in a different, non-adversarial way.” We’re glad to have him on the team to provide high-level service to our clients while tapping into his expertise to improve those services. 


We’re also thrilled to have Geoff’s fun-loving sense of humor in the office. And it sounds like that feeling is mutual. Although he’s new to FPT, Geoff says, “The camaraderie has been pretty solid so far, so I’m excited to keep engaging with this dynamic team we have.”


When he’s not supporting our clients or engaging with our team, Geoff loves spending time with his family. “I’m proud of every member of the family I have helped create,” he says. “They’re just good people.” Together, they love hiking, card and board games, and long dinners on the back patio, wrapped up by some Netflix (and maybe a snooze) on their big couch. While Geoff might doze off, don’t let that fool you. He’s a huge movie buff — just ask him who won the Academy Award for best picture in any given year. 


He has other solo pursuits, too. Geoff says he has a “love/tolerate” relationship with running and has completed a half marathon with more on the calendar. He’s also a writer, mostly of fiction, and has completed two novels.