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Throughout his time at FP, Ethan's unwavering dedication to progress, adeptness in handling his responsibilities, and meticulous client interactions have firmly established his role as a crucial asset within our Valuation team.

Ethan grew up in the Portland metro area and attended Portland State University. After starting his undergrad as an accounting major, he switched to finance, and achieved his Bachelor of Science in Finance. He found that in accounting, he was spending his time "accounting” for circumstances that had already happened, whereas finance gave Ethan the opportunity to think about the future and the bigger picture at hand. 


During his time at PSU, Ethan’s interest was piqued by a course on business valuation. When he discovered he could work at a local company and practice valuation daily, FP Transitions was a no-brainer for him. His time at FP began as a Valuation Coordinator and served as his foot-in-the-door to the financial industry. Ethan’s commitment to growth, attention to detail, drive to learn about all sides of FP, and adaptable disposition made him the perfect candidate to advance into his current role of Valuation Analyst.


As a Valuation Analyst, Ethan works solely with our Northwestern Mutual clients, helping with mergers, performing valuations for their practices, providing compensation consulting, and creating deal structures throughout his clients’ succession plans. Since he started at FP in 2020, Ethan has completed over 1,300 valuations and helped accomplish over 110 mergers, which is no easy feat! Ethan’s time at the company has also been characterized by strong relationships with both his colleagues and clients: “The people at FP are nothing short of amazing. I can confidently say I am blessed to be surrounded by so many great people.”


Outside of the office, Ethan enjoys an active lifestyle, whether he is spending time outside, playing organized sports, or traveling. He particularly finds joy in hiking, kayaking, as well as playing basketball and baseball—he has even thrown a no hitter in his baseball career. Ethan also loves sitting down with a good book, spending time with his family and friends, and spending a bit too much time and money collecting shoes—he has over 50 pairs!