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With a particular focus on the internal processes at FP, Brittaney’s outstanding attention to detail and project-centered mindset make her the perfect addition to the Operations team.

A California native, Brittaney was born in Sacramento and raised in North Highlands. In 2020, Brittaney and her husband, Tristan, moved to the Portland, Oregon area to start a family and pursue their personal goals. Since moving to Oregon, Brittaney has attended Portland Community College, and is on transfer at Portland State University, where she will further her education with a degree in psychology.


Prior to working at FP, Brittaney was a respite care worker for differently capable people. As a care worker, Brittaney built relationships with both children and adults that faced challenges in their daily lives. She saw the value of people-centered care firsthand, grew her patience, and found confidence in being unapologetically goofy with the people she cared for.


Brittaney took on her role as the Program Assistant for the Operations team partially by accident. She started by working in a temporary role for the company, completing an important filing project for the office. We were so impressed by Brittaney’s work ethic and her kind spirit that we could not let her get away from FP so quickly!


Brittaney was hired as a Program Assistant to help us harness more effective systems on the backend. She brings passion to her daily projects, and completes them meticulously, to keep FP up and running. In her role, Brittaney looks forward to growing her administrative experience and gaining more confidence. Speaking on her growth, Brittaney told us, “I would like to learn as much as I can from the different departments at FP. I think being in an office setting will continue to help me grow professionally.”


In her off-hours, Brittaney can be found leading her book club or writing her first novel. Reading is one of Brittaney’s joys in life, and she is an avid book collector! You might also find Brittaney speeding past you (and falling once or twice) on her roller skates, or listening to the same bands that she has loved since high school—like Pierce the Veil, Escape the Fate, and Paramore. She enjoys ending the evening by watching scary movies with her husband and cuddling up with her cats.