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Brad has the dubious distinction of having sailed right through the largest hurricane on record, but somehow seems to have enjoyed it.

Brad is a nationally recognized speaker and thought leader on matters of business value, equity management, and mergers and acquisitions for independent financial professionals. Brad’s forward thinking and groundbreaking work on building enterprise value and creating sustainable firms has made him an important thought leader in the industry, and a frequent conference speaker.


As a long time entrepreneur and strategic consultant, Brad has developed a broad expertise in building sustainable business models with an eye towards long term sustainable growth. His early M&A work in the agri-business and food processing sectors allowed him insights into which operating components help ensure solid growth and stability. He later served as COO for a national brokerage firm and helped develop many protocols for sales of small and mid-sized privately held firms. He later led the acquisitions efforts for a startup in the biotech sector in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


As CEO of FP Transitions, he has guided the company’s growth for the past 13 years to over 40 dedicated professionals who consult with over 2,000 clients per year. He has personally overseen consulting assignments with many of the country's largest broker dealers, custodians, and insurance companies, and continues to guide the creation of the next generation of strategies for independent wealth management firms.


Brad is adventurous: he’s a world traveler, hot air balloon pilot, blue water sailor, and an instrument rated pilot. Brad, his wife Laura and two daughters, are on constantly on the move: family photos are usually an airport selfie as they head in different directions. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

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Brad Bueermann ’s Blog Posts

Be a Resource in Times of Uncertainty

The last few weeks have been eerie. The markets are fluctuating, schools are closed, streets are deserted. The Portland area had a run of 65-degree sunny days followed by two days of snow. Our office is down to a skeleton crew, and the rest of the staff are working from home. At the beginning of March staying away from the coronavirus seemed as simple as keeping anyone sick at home. Now the ambiguity of who might be carrying the virus has sparked fear of the unknown and driving us to make drastic, unprecedented changes in our lifestyles to protect those at highest risk for severe infection. The situation and preventative measures seem to change daily and vary state to state. But, this, too, shall pass, and we are all trying to stay productive and maintain perspective on the current situation. Twelve years ago, we experienced a similar market shock. Though the circumstances and drivers are different now, the way the industry adapts and manages investor uncertainty to find our way to the other side of this, as innovators and entrepreneurs, we will have to think similarly. Be a Resource The biggest piece of advice I can give to advisors who expect to make it through is this: be a resource. Be a resource for your clients and their communities. They’re all searching for guidance right now. Even if you can’t give them concrete answers, you can give them context. Nobody can predict exactly what is going to happen in the next few months, but you can support your community by sharing your knowledge of the financial system.

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