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September 2019 - The New York Times

Posted by FP Transitions on September 13, 2019

FP Transitions CEO, Brad Bueermann, weighs in on the "trend" of consolidation among wealth management firms in Friday's New York Times Article, "Wealth Advisory Firms Are Merging, but What's in it for Clients?" by Paul Sullivan. Experts share their thoughts on the trend and whether or not the trend is actually resulting in better service for advisory clients.

We have seen that the ability to leverage technology and better processes indeed produces stronger and more valuable businesses, but access to these tools is not necessarily a function of size. As Brad says in the article, “We firmly believe at the client level that doing business locally with people who understand the community where their clients are going to retire into and who have a close connection to the client are better...Independent practices have flourished for a reason: Consolidation is the world we came from 30 years ago.”

Read the full article, "Wealth Advisory Firms Are Merging, but What's in it for Clients?" here.


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September 2019 - FA Magazine

Posted by FP Transitions on September 10, 2019

Ahead of FA's 2020 Invest in Women's Conference in April 2020, Michaela G. Herlihy shares important insight and actionable advice for making the transition from employee to owner. She covers identifying and Implementing proper policies and procedures, creating a business plan, leveraging a skilled team of professionals, incorporating your key employees in strategic planning, and the importance of having a plan for the transition (that's where we come in).

Read the full article, "Roadmap to an Internal Succession Plan," at FA Magazine.


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August 2018 - Advisor2Advisor Podcast : David Grau Sr., JD Interview

Posted by FP Transitions on September 4, 2018

Last month FP Transitions President and Founder, David Grau Sr., JD, joined Scott and Pat on the Advisor2Advisor podcast to discuss common concerns related to mergers, and an all too prevalent (and costly) mistake that some mature advisors make when they fail to capitalize on the equity they’ve established by creating a viable succession plan. Listen here.


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July 2018 - Journal of Financial Planning: "Sustainability and the Future of the Profession"

Posted by FP Transitions on July 9, 2018

This month's Journal of Financial Planning includes an in-depth piece written by FP Transitions' President & Founder, David Grau Sr., J.D.: "Sustainability and the Future of the Profession." See excerpt below and click to read the whole article.

"It only makes sense for independent advisers to design a wealth management cycle that addresses the client life cycle. To be clear, I'm not saying for one minute that independent advisers can't make a very good living–they can and are for the most part. Today's independent advisers are not failing in their work of providing professional, relevant, and much needed financial services advise to their clients; they are failing to sustain a business beyond their own careers, leaving their clients to do that portion of the planning on their own, and advisers (and their broker-dealers, custodian, and insurance companies) are leaving an incredible amount of money on the table as a result for no good reason."  



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David Grau Sr., JD, Founder & President of FP Transitions, Named One of Investment News' 2017 Icons & Innovators

Posted by FP Transitions on December 19, 2017

We're excited to announce that FP Transitions president and founder, David Grau Sr., JD has been awarded a 2017 Icons & Innovators Award from Investment News. We're proud to be recognized along with 19 other industry leaders whom we admire.


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