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November 2017 - Journal of Financial Planning: What is My Practice Worth? What You Need to Know About Value and Valuation

Posted by FP Transitions on November 20, 2017

“What is my practice worth? This is a question that every independent financial adviser should ask, or has asked, at one time or another. Given that the value of a fee-based advisory practice is often the largest asset that most advisers own, it is a good question in need of good answers.”

A new in-depth article for Journal of Financial Planning, “What is My Practice Worth? What You need to Know About Value and Valuation” by FP Transitions Valuations Director & G2 Owner, Ryan Grau, CVA, CBA.


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November 2014 - Wealth Management Magazine: Boosting Curb Appeal

Posted by FP Transitions on November 11, 2014

There is much to consider when determining and receiving the true value of your financial services practice, things like assets under management, client demographics, revenue mix, likely employee and client retention, and, of course, cash flow.

Wealth Management's recent article, "Boosting Curb Appeal" by Anne Field, offers advisor experiences when it comes to looking at all the factors of practice value, including 25-year industry veteran Elizabeth Brickman who valued and sold her business with the help of FP Transitions, but not before realizing the importance of preparation and targeted growth prior to selling.

Understanding all the little things that boost the value of your business will not only benefit you should you decide to sell, but will help you identify areas on which to concentrate on to promote growth.


Topics: Selling Your Practice, Business Value, Wealth Management Magazine

June 2014 - Reuters: Building a Financial Advice Business You Can Sell

Posted by FP Transitions on June 6, 2014

“Isn't it ironic? Most independent financial advisers have no exit strategy and let their firms die through attrition.”

In recounting the experience of FP Transitions client Nancy Nelson, Reuters article “Building a Financial Advice Business You Can Sell” by Robyn Post highlights the variety of valuation factors to consider when selling your business, and the importance of preparing your practice for the transition well in advance.


Topics: Acquisition, Business Value, Buying & Selling, Sustainability, Reuters

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