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What Makes a Firm Desirable? - M&A Playbook


What makes a financial services firm more desirable on the open market? 

"What would make a firm that has more inquiries stand out or the reason they have more inquiries is typically, you know, location. The type of business that the firm has built, you know, it's typically a sub $250 million fee-only or fee-based RIA in a location that's desirable. East coast, could be southeast, could be Texas, could be California. One of those spots where there's a strong desire to grow your current wealth management business or to get a foothold in one of those spots so you can continue to grow in one of those areas where there's just a lot of wealth.

Location is a huge factor in M&A desirability, but there are other reasons that elevate a firm's value when considering an open market sale. Let's talk about what makes YOUR firm stand out, and how you can realize it's full value. Give us a call at 800.934.3303 or click the button below.



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