Strength in the Marketplace - M&A Playbook

Posted by FP Transitions on Sep 7, 2023 12:39:00 PM

How has marketplace strength held on throughout 2023?

We've seen a really strong M&A marketplace in 2023. Demand is still really strong. As we've consistently had at least over the last five years, we've got an inverse in terms of there's a really strong demand and not a whole lot of supply. And that trend has continued in through 2023.

We still have a very strong number of inquiries on every opportunity that we have–north of 70 average inquires per opportunity. Sometimes we’re even seeing opportunities that have 150+ inquires. We're still seeing really strong demand because there's still that shortage in supply for opportunities available for firms looking to grow inorganically through M&A.

A lot of firms over the years have certainly deployed a growth strategy that not only includes organic growth through new client additions to their organization, but also deploying that inorganic growth strategy through M&A because they find it is typically easier to build in an area that they don't have a footprint in yet through acquisition. This is because the foundation in that area has already been built and they can layer on to the acquired business and supplement with things that they’ve built in order to expand and improve service and efficiencies.

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