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What Sellers Want - Multi-Generational Buyers - M&A Playbook

One of the other things that I see a lot more sellers asking for is multi-generational ownership and multi-gender ownership. I encourage my clients to diversify their ownership group as much as possible. I see great many sellers now saying that the ideal acquisition partner would be somebody with multi-generational ownership. So, there's all kinds of good reasons for implementing succession in multi-generational ownership, especially when it comes to acquisition.

You can tell a seller, "Look, we'd like to buy your books or your business and that's the last time they're going to be sold, because when I retire, so and so is taking over. And when they retire, so and so's taking over,"

That multigenerational ownership and building an enduring business model is critical to many, many sellers these days. And I'm seeing that as an increasing ask on the seller's part.


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