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Making the Acquisition Process Work for You - M&A Playbook

This Playbook is all about maximizing your M&A efforts and going with the flow of the system for acquisition success. You don't need to do everything all at once from the jump. Winning gold is about taking it one heat at a time. 

There are people in the initial phase of inquiring on a practice on the open market who are trying to close the deal in that first inquiry message. And that's just the cart way ahead of the way ahead of the horse.

In reality, the goal of every phase of this process is just to get to the next phase. Nobody's going to read an inquiry, see an offer in it and go, “there's my buyer right there.” With an inquiry message all you're trying to do is get yourself in front of a seller for the initial meet and greet call.

And the goal of that call isn't to break out the pie charts and make an offer. The goal of that first call is just to get to the next phase, which is due diligence and figuring out if you even like each other and make a good M&A match.

Once that light goes on for our clients, they put a lot less effort in to trying to win the deal with the inquiry and play the M&A process. By taking it one step at a time they get a lot more out of it. 


Our EMS memberships are the best way to increase your acquisition readiness. Let's talk about what we can do to maximize each step of the process and how to make the best first impression with a seller. Give us a call at 800.934.3303 or click the button below.



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