James Fisher, JD

James Fisher, JD
James is a Senior Consultant on the FPT Transactions Team. He calls on pre-FPT experiences navigating complex legal issues and as a securities regulator to allow him to quickly understand and resolve any client concerns and challenges that may arise.

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How to Successfully Inquire on the Open Market

Posted by James Fisher, JD on Aug 22, 2018 5:00:00 AM

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It is without a doubt a “seller’s market” when it comes to financial advisory practices. With an average buyer to seller ratio of 50 : 1, sellers can be picky. Given the sheer volume of qualified buyers that send in inquiries for practices listed by FP Transitions on our open market system, it is extremely important for potential buyers to put their best foot forward and show the seller why they are the “cream of the crop.”  

Remember, your inquiry is the first communication you will have with the seller, who likely knows nothing about you. While we don’t recommend drafting a novel, your inquiry should at a minimum tell the seller enough detail to pique the seller’s interest. Inquiries that merely state, “I have cash,” “Let’s talk,” “I need more information,” or “See our website for more information,” are usually immediately stricken by the selling party from consideration, regardless of how well qualified the inquirer may actually be. This is because experienced and successful buyers take the time to make a strong first impression.

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