Lisa King

M&A Coordinator


Lisa’s philosophy is that nobody ever gets lost taking the high road. It shows in her unwavering optimism and cool, calm, collected attitude in the face of difficulty.  


Lisa grew up in Los Angeles and escaped the heat of the suburbs when she moved to the Pacific Northwest to earn a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Oregon.


She loves animals down to her core. She is the proud owner of two cats, affectionately named Gray Cat and Orange Cat respectively, and a labradoodle puppy named Chewbacca. Since Lisa was in third grade, she has been riding horses. Once she became old enough to compete, she trained and rode horses in hunter/jumper contests until her junior year of high school. Her experience with horses led to her managing large-scale horse facilities for the NCAA Division 1 Fresno State Equestrian team. She kept everyone level-headed in a high-stress setting by maintaining a safe and functional work environment; a skill she uses to keep order at FP Transitions.


When she isn’t helping clients, Lisa spends her afternoons enjoying quality time with her pets, as well as riding and training horses.