Keoni Conlu

EMS™ Coordinator


Keoni leverages his active mind and energetic presence to help our EMS™ clients get what they need when they need it


As a native Oregonian, Keoni is always keeping his mind and body active. In a one-time pursuit to relive his high school football days, he put the academic books down and tried out for a minor league football team. The tryout adds to the list of sports accolades after wrestling and Dragon Boats.


Keoni graduated the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism & Communication.


His passion for sports found him working for Nike at their retail store in downtown Portland. When this wasn’t his career path, he took on a role as a Social Media Manager and Editor-in-Chief. He wanted more growth so in seeking it out, he found FP Transitions. 


Today, he’s part of our Equity Management Solutions® (EMS™) team. As his degree shows, Keoni loves hearing and telling stories. As a result, he thrives in this role with ample opportunity for client interaction. He helps our clients answer logistical and technical questions while tackling any issues that arise. All the while, he provides a consistent presence for clients, so they know where to turn. 


When he’s not at work, you can most likely find Keoni, ever the storyteller, hosting his own podcast show or seeking the next adventure with his partner. He might also be at the gym catching up on the latest superhero movie or tv show while working on his cardio.